The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2837

Chapter 2837

“Oh, Renee, allow me to introduce my girlfriend, Iris Young. Iris, this is Mister
Hugo Morrison’s sister, Renee,” Leon took this opportunity to introduce them.
He did not have the chance to explain himself after Renee’s confession so he
made a point to introduce Iris as an indirect answer to Renee’s question.
“What? You already have a girlfriend?” Renee was shaken.

She initially thought that Loen rejected her because of Candice, but it turned out
that he was already seeing someone.

It was no wonder that he rejected her.

“Damn it! How can this happen?” She paled and took a step back, almost falling.
She was a rare beauty and no one in the western region managed to win her
over. Hence, she had yet to find someone she liked.

It took so long for her to finally find a man she liked, yet he turned out to be
dating someone else.

This was even more devastating than the fact that Leon turned her down earlier.
If Leon rejected her because of Candice, she could at least compete with
Candice for Leon’s heart.

However, if Leon already had a girlfriend, she would not even stand a fighting
chance and she was devastated.

But then, she recalled something. “Leon, if you already have a girlfriend, why
would you sleep with Candice? That’s horrible!”

Renee bit her lip and stared at Leon with a mixture of devastation, frustration,
and sadness.

She did not forget about what she witnessed earlier.

Upon learning that Leon had a girlfriend, she could not understand why a
virtuous man like him would betray his girlfriend.

Did Leon make a mistake because Candice seduced him?

“What?” Leon and the others were all taken aback.

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Iris, Cynthia, and the others were

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On the other hand, a betrayal was different from attracting others’ attention.
According to Renee, Leon slept with Candice and this was unquestionably a

Instantly, they were all furious.

“Leon, how dare you? You’ve disappointed me!” Iris roared angrily and lost her

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Naturally, Cynthia and the others felt

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