The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2838

Chapter 2838

“I didn’t do it! Iris, it’s not what you think! This is just a misunderstanding. Renee

misunderstood what happened between me and Miss Daglesh,” Leon did not

expect Renee to still have doubts about him and Candice, let alone say it out

loud in front of everyone.

This completely caught him by surprise and he immediately explained himself.

“That’s right! Miss Young, Mister Wolf was just treating me. We are innocent and

nothing happened. Please don’t misunderstand,” Candice agreed along.

“Treating?” Iris and the others relaxed slightly.

Leon was a skilled doctor and cured plenty of people.

Upon learning that Leon was merely treating Candice, they found Leon and

Candice’s words reasonable and started to believe them.

“That’s not possible! When I arrived, Candice was on the bed blushing and Leon

was covered in sweat. How can he be treating her?” Renee questioned.

Unlike Iris and the others, she saw Leon and Candice in a suspicious state.

There were plenty of points that she found odd, such as why Candice was on the

bed and why Leon took so long to open the door.

Everything seemed odd and her instinct was telling her that there was more than

treatment going on.

“What? Did that happen?” Iris’s expression darkened.

She studied the robe Leon was wearing and spotted sweat stains on it.

This proved that Renee was telling the truth.

Her initial trust in Leon turned into doubts once again.

“Leon, what’s with the sweat stain on your body? Care to explain?” Iris

questioned coldly.

Cynthia and the others turned to Leon as well, waiting for him to offer a

reasonable answer.

“I-” Leon was rendered speechless.

He could not tell them that the moans and noises Candice made while he was

treating her messed with his mind.

He almost caved to temptation and ended up drenched in sweat.

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This was a private matter concerning

Candice and he could not bring hi!

pselie explain’evelythig to Iris,

ldtalone saying it out loud in front of

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If it was something about himself, he

would not mind being embarrassed,

but Candice, wasd A and

woul be extremely embarrassed if

others learned about what happened.

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Hence, it would be inappropriate for him to say anything.

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On top of that, the two of them had a

lot of contact gene If

eae @pldin what happened, he
ight cause the situation to worsen.

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