The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2840

Chapter 2840

“I-” Iris’s heart sank when she saw the bitter look on Leon’s face.

She recalled the past breakup between her and Leon, realizing that she might have misunderstood again.

However, Leon refused to explain himself and was feeling guilty.

Instantly, she was hesitant about whether she should trust him.

“This seems to be the perfect opportunity,” Renee glanced at Iris and then at the depressed look on Leon’s face.

Her eyes lit up with hope.

When she found out that Leon had a girlfriend, she was devastated.

However, Leon presumably cheated with Candie and this enraged Iris.

Iris may just break up with Leon over his betrayal, which meant that Renee would stand a chance of being with Leon.

Her heart raced and the despair she felt earlier was now replaced by hope.

“Leon, don’t be upset. I know what happened between you and Candice was just a mistake. I stand by my point. I like you. So long as you leave your girlfriend and be with me, I won’t mind what happened between you and Candice,” Renee confessed her love for Leon once again.

She knew that Leon was heartbroken now and this was a great opportunity for her.

Her consolation may be able to ease his pain and prompt him to leave Iris and be with her.

“What?” Leon and the others were all shocked.

Leon did not expect Renee to be so insistent and was taken aback by it.

“Miss Morrison, what is the meaning of this? Leon’s my boyfriend, yet you compete for his attention right in front of me? That’s so immoral.” Iris was once again enraged.

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“Miss Young, I’m afraid I don’t agree. After what Leon did, shouldn’t you break up with him? once you two break up, there’s nothing wrong with me dating him, right?” Renee said. The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!

“Who said I’m breaking up with him? I never said that!” Iris grew even angrier.

“What? So are you going to forgive him? But how’s that possible?” Renee said in disbelief.

Though she had not dated anyone before, she saw plenty of romance drama.

According to what she saw, couples would often break up if there was a betrayal.

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Since Leon presumably betrayed Iris, Renee could not understand why Tris would not break up with Leon. The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!

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Was she prepared to forgive Leon? This would not fit into the logic of all the romance drama. The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!

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