The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2844

Chapter 2844

“Yay!” Iris and Cynthia were relieved.

Though they knew Leon was a great man who would not betray them, Renee

was still a woman as beautiful as they were. This meant that Renee was a threat and they were quite worried.

Seeing as Leon did not betray them, they were relieved.

“Iris, I’ll say this one last time. Nothing happened between me and Miss Daglesh. I’ll explain everything to you afterward,” Leon said authoritatively.

Though he was slightly disappointed that Iris did not believe him, he knew that Iris lacked a sense of security because of the passing of her mother.

He could empathize and intended to inform Iris about what happened with Candice when they were alone at night.

That way, all problems would be resolved.

“Okay, sure.” Iris nodded.

After Renee meddled, Iris’s anger depleted and she decided that she would not question further even if Leon did not explain himself at all.

Naturally, it would be ideal if Leon could explain himself.

“Miss Daglesh, I was just giving you a physical treatment earlier and didn’t have the time to prescribe you anything. I’ll prescribe you some medicine to maintain the effect of the treatment. Just follow the prescription and you will be cured in no time.” Leon turned to Candice.

He then found a piece of paper and a pen to write a prescription, before handing it to Candice.

“Thank you, Mister Wolf. You cured me and I don’t know how I can thank you. How about I pay you as a gesture of my gratitude?” Candice said gratefully.

She then took out a cheque from her purse and intended to fill it in, only to be stopped by Leon.

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“It’s fine. I’ve never accepted any payment or compensation when I

treat others. That’s

t’s my grinciplem

Besides I’m friends with the Dagleshs. It’s only normal for friends to help each other out, so you don’t have to thank me,” Leon refused her offering, his tone unquestionable. The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!

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“Oh, alright, then. Mister Wolf, I’ve caused you trouble today and I’m sorry about it. If this is all for today, I’ll take my leave now now,” Candice

hesitated and did not insist. After all, she had plenty of chances to express

her gratitude in the future. The

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Considering how complicated the current situation was, she did not want to overstay her welcome and intended to leave.

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Once she left, Iris turned to Renee

coldly. “Miss Morrisons, we Morrisons, we have a lot

to discuss with Leon after not seeing him for so long. If you have nothing else to say, please leave!” The

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Iris was still upset that Renee tried to snatch Leon away and did not bother being

polite with Renee.

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