The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2849

Chapter 2849

“It’s fine. Henry, it’s great that you managed to get to the Intermediate Almighty State within such a short period. Be more confident! So long as you keep training with the Heavenly star Methods, I’m sure you will reach the Advanced Almighty State soon,” Leon smiled.

He knew that Henry was slightly less talented than Chandler, so the fact that he rose to the Intermediate Almighty State was already impressive.

Hence, Leon was satisfied.

Martial artists in the Intermediate and Advanced Almighty States were considered top-tier in both the southern and western regions.

With the two of them protecting the women, Leon could rest assured.

“By the way, how’s Mason and the others doing?’ Leon continued.

“The five of them are all in the Advanced Emperor state or the SemiAlmighty State,” Chandler and Henry said respectfully.

When Leon arranged for Mason to take over the underground society to resolve any aftermath of the defeat of the Southern Boss. The target he set for the five of them was to reach the Initial Almighty state within two months.

Not long passed so far, so the five of them were yet to reach the Almighty State.

Therefore, they decided to remain in the southern region to train instead of following Iris and the others to the western region.

“Good!” Leon nodded.

He knew that Mason, Spencer, and the others started late so it was a rather high goal for them to reach the Almighty State.

Hence, it was normal that they were yet to succeed.

The Heavenly Stars Method was a shortcut and an Absolute Method that could get martial artists at lower levels to power up within a short period.

With the help of the Heavenly Stars Method and other means, he was certain that Mason and the others would reach the Almighty State soon as well. This would ensure that they were capable of resolving any issues that arose in the southern region and Leon was not in a rush.

“Alright, Chandler, Henry, you must be exhausted for sending Iris and the others here. Return to your rooms to rest,” Leon said.

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“Yes, sir. Well leave now, then,”

Chandler and Henry said beforem


returning to their respective rooms.

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Once they were gone, Ruth chuckled. “Leon, it’s getting late. You and Iris should go get some rest, too. We’ll leave you two alone,” The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!

She then grabbed Cynthia and Snow’s arm before intending to leave alongside Roanne.

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Iris was Leon’s girlfriend and after

being apart for so long, they would probably need some privacy. The


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The four of them knew this and wanted to give them some time alone.

As they were about to leave, something crossed Leon’s mind and he called out to them, “Hang on!”

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