The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2856

Chapter 2856

“Yeah, I know! Leon is a rather creepy kid! still, as tricky as this may be, he is just a brat. Considering our influence, we can easily destroy him!” The Western Boss sneered and narrowed his eyes sharply.

Leon was too young and had no connections in the western region. Hence, he underestimated Leon and did not see him as a threat.

However, Leon displayed unexpected skills and the Western Boss was too busy with training to deal with him. Therefore, he decided to go easy on Leon for the time being.

Now that he completed his training, it was time for him to deal with Leon.

“Yeah, that’s right. Leon is in the Initial Almighty State at most, so he can’t do much to us! Dad, how about this? Since the sales drive hasn’t occurred, we can send a few skilled martial artists to ambush and capture him today to obtain Cynthion Group! That will ensure we succeed!” Felton said.

Outside the jadeite shop, Leon once got into a conflict with Bucky and the Grimston and injured two martial artists in the Initial Almighty State by himself.

According to Leon’s speed and explosive power, he and the Apostles could tell that Leon was likely in the Initial Almighty State.

Given his age, it was a wonder that he managed to reach the Almighty State and Felton had to admit that Leon was truly talented.

Still, the Fermers were one of the most powerful families in the western region. Countless formidable martial artists under them were in the Initial and

Intermediate Almighty States.

Hence, Loen could not possibly rival them.

So long as the Western Boss sent two to three martial artists in the Intermediate Almighty State to ambush Leon, they could surely capture Leon and take Cynthion Group from him.

That way, all issues would be resolved.

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“No! We can’t send any more men to attack Leon. Diego and the others failed and all ended up being imprisoned by the Dragon Corps We’ve already aferted the Dragon Guards. If we send more men to attack Leon, something may go

wrong or we may provoke the Dragon Guards into getting involved. This won’t do US any good.” The Western Boss shook his head and rejected Felton’s proposal. The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!

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He knew that there was a limit to

everything. Though the Fermers were powerful and the

he Dragon corps m

would not pick a fight with them without reason, the Dragon Corps was responsible for maintaining the order of the community. The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!

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If the Fermers disrespected the rules too many times and repeatedly m attempted to assassinate Leon, the Dragon Corps would likely step in to prevent further misconduct. The content is on! Read

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Once the Dragon Guards got involved, they may not cause any severe damage

to the Fermers but would surely cause considerable trouble.

This was hardly what the Western Boss wanted.

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