The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2859

Chapter 2859

“Well,” The Western Boss fell into silence.

Like the Southern Boss, he knew the Dragon Corps quite well.

Upon being reminded by the Southern Boss, he recalled that the Dragon Corps in the central region would be hosting a meeting. Mister Orpwood, Alfred, and the others would all rush to the central region.

Without Alfred there to stop them, it would be much easier to rescue Rodney and this was indeed the best time for him to help the Southern Boss with the rescue.

Therefore, he could not quite argue with his logic.

“Damn it! Leon just happened to choose tomorrow to host his sales drive.

He’s one lucky brat!” The Western Boss’s expression darkened.

Since the Southern Boss helped him get to the Peak Almighty State, he had to fulfill his promise and rescue Rodney.

Coincidentally, tomorrow was the day when Cynthion Group’s sales drive would be hosted. He initially thought of the perfect excuse and intended to eliminate Leon and the Morrisons during the sales drive, before taking Cynthion Group away.

This was the perfect chance for him to take Leon and the Morrisons down.

If he went to the southern region with the Southern Boss tomorrow to rescue Rodney, he would have to give up on his plan and he was reluctant to do so.

“Western Boss, no one’s perfect. As powerful as Leon may be, he has weaknesses and there are plenty of ways we can deal with him. There’s no point in facing him head-on!” the Southern Boss said.

“What do you mean?” the Western Boss asked in confusion.

“It’s simple! Cynthion Group’s base is located in the southern region. Leon’s girlfriend, Iris, and a few of his confidantes all live in the southern region. So long as you come with me to the southern region, we can capture these women after we rescue Rodney and blackmail Leon with them. Not only will we obtain Cynthion Group with ease, but we will also be able to eliminate him once and for all,” the Southern Boss explained.

He did not know if Leon had more Potential Energy Forces, so he dared not to face Leon directly without assurance.

Hence, he objected to the Western Boss’s idea of facing Leon as it was too risky.

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He did not wish to repeat the same

mistake and decided he could target Iris and the others instead. The

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He knew how close Leon was with his confidantes and that they were his biggest weaknesses.

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Since Leon was now in the western

region, the Southern Boss figured he could take the opportunity to capture the women. Once that was accomplished, Leon would be powerless even if he had more

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This was a more secure plan compared to the Western Boss’s.

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It was a perfectly vicious plan, but he

was unaware that kis and the others

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Hence, his plan would never work out.

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