The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2860

Chapter 2860

“That’s a great plan as well! Let’s do that, then!” The Western Boss’s eyes lit up and he was convinced by the Southern BOSS.

Though he wanted to take Leon and the Morrisons down to rob them of Cynthion Group during the sales drive tomorrow, the Morrisons were the head of the all- powerful families in the western region. They had great influence and power that rivaled that of the Formers’.

Since he already reached the Peak Almighty State, Caleb would not be a threat to him. However, there were plenty more formidable martial artists amongst the Morrisons.

Leon was cunning and with the protection of the Morrisons, the Western Boss may not be able to capture him alive.

If anything went wrong or Leon escaped, it would only be more challenging to take Cynthion Group away from Leon.

On the contrary, if he followed the Southern Boss’s plan and captured Leon’s confidantes to blackmail him, it would be easier to eliminate Leon and take Cynthion Group away.

The Westner Boss could immediately tell which plan was better.

“What? No way!” Felton was taken aback.

He was pleased that his father wanted to face and eliminate Leon directly, as this meant he could retaliate against Leon for injuring him.

To his bewilderment, the Southern Boss convinced the Western Boss to change his mind.

This completely caught him off guard.

“Why not?” the Western Boss asked in confusion.

“Well,” Felton was rendered speechless.

He knew that the Southern boss’s plan was far safer than their plan of facing Leon and the Morrisons directly.

However, this was just what the Southern Boss anticipated.

Leon was no fool and could not possibly be unaware of his weaknesses. Even if they followed the Southern Boss’s plan, they may not succeed in capturing Leon’s confidantes.

On top of that, even if they managed to capture the women, Leon may not give up on Cynthion Group for the sake of a few women.

At the very least, Felton did not think that would be possible.

If the Southern Boss’s plan failed and alerted Leon, it would only be more challenging for the Fermers to eliminate Leon in the future.

They might as well take advantage of the sales drive and face Leon directly instead of working around to eliminate Leon.

After all, this seemed excessive.

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Suddenly, an idea appeared in his mind. “Dad, how about this? You can go with the Southern Boss to then southern regionetd rescue his son En. tomorrow. I’ll lead a group of people to participate in the sales drive in an attempt to take Leon down. We can execute both plans at the same time to ensure success!” The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!

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Though he did not agree with the Southern Boss’s plan, his fatherm an, his fatherm

already promised to help rescue Rodney and could not break his

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Therefore, Felton intended to lead formidable martial artists amongst

the Fermers to fight Leon so that they would not miss out on the perfect chance to take Leon down. The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!

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