The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2862

Chapter 2862

“Well,” The Southern Boss opened his mouth hesitantly as he studied the excited looks on their faces.

He felt differently because he knew how formidable Leon was.

Even if Felton worked with the Grimstons and the Underwoods, they may not do much harm to Leon.

However, he was not sure if Leon had more Potential Energy Forces and he dared not to face Leon head-on without assurance.

At the moment, Felton underestimated Leon and wanted to fight Leon.

This would not stop the Western Boss from going to the southern region with the Southern Boss, so it worked perfectly in the Southern boss’s favor.

He could use Felton, the Grimstons, and the Underwoods as the vanguard to test what Leon was capable of.

If Leon ran out of Potential Energy Forces, Felton may just be able to eliminate Leon with the help of the Grimstons and the Underwoods.

This would be perfect. On the contrary, if Leon still had more Potential Energy Forces, Felton, the Grimstons, and the Underwoods would be the ones who suffer and the Southern Boss would have nothing to lose.

He could still capture Leon’s confidants and blackmail Leon into complying, which would deliver the same result.

Felton’s plan would only benefit him, so he swallowed his words and did not object to the plan.

“Felton, do as you said. I’ll go to the Grimtons and the Underwoods with you now to convince them to face Leon and the Morrisons with us!” the Western Boss said.

With that, the three of them reached a consensus.

The next day was the day when Cynthion Group’s sales drive took place.

With the Morrisons’s tireless effort in marketing, combined with the fact that Leon showed others how the alchemical pills worked during Jaxon’s bouquet, most of the families in the western region now heard about Cynthion Group and the magical effect of its alchemical pills.

Since Cynthion Group was launching a sales drive to sell alchemical pills, countless families along with powerful figures made time to participate in the sales drive, hoping to purchase some alchemical pills for themselves.

Instantly, the Cynthion Group building was packed with people.

At the main hall where it was used for the sales drive, there was a grand stage at the back.

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On each side was a large group of Morrisons whom Caleb planted to protect Leon, his confidants, and other employees of Cynthion Group. The content is on!

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According to Leon’s agreement with the Morrisons, the Morrisons were responsible for security.

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Since this was their first

collaboration, Caleb took this sales

drive very seriously. To

prevent any accident from taking place, he even

arrived with two other elders. The

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Apart from that, he even had a few core members of the family, including Jayden, Josiah, Hugo, and Renee, with him.

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It was two weeks since Jayden was


grounded for a month. Since Jayden behaved himself and the sales drive was considered a special occasion, Caleb ended the punishment ahead of time and that was why Jayden was there. The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!

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