The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2866

Chapter 2866

“Mister Wolf, what should we do now?” Fletcher asked for his instruction.

“Well, just get the men you sent to follow the Southern Boss and the Western Boss. Find out why they are on the move and where they are going! Also, please summon some Platinum Dragon Guards for me. I will head to the Dragon Corps to meet up with you. Then, we’ll all head out to chase the Sotuehrn BOSS down,” Leon said thoughtfully and made the arrangement.

“Alright, I’ll do it right now,” Fletcher said and the call ended.

After the call ended, Iris and the others noticed the solemn look on Loen’s face.

“Leon, what’s wrong? What happened?” “I just received news that the Southern Boss showed himself. Cynthia, and Iris, I’ll leave the sales drive to you two! I am going after the Sotuerhn Boss and take him down once and for all,” Leon explained and put Cynthia and Iris in charge of the sales drive.

“Sure. Go ahead. The Southern Boss is powerful, so be careful,” Iris and the others said.

They all knew what happened between Leon and the Southern Boss and that part of the reason why Leon came to the western region was to find the Southern BOSS.

During the fight between the two, Leon eliminated the Demon Lord and injured the Sotuerhn Boss.

Considering Leon’s superior strength, the Sotuehm Boss was no match for him and they did not need to worry about that.

Still, the Southern Boss was rather formidable as well and they still felt the need to remind Leon to be careful.

“I know! Don’t worry. I’ll be careful!” Leon smiled reassuringly.

“Leon, it’s over for you today! Get out here and accept your fate!” Just then, a roar sounded.

Felton and a dozen martial artists stormed in from the outside.

“That’s Felton Fermer!” “What is he doing here?” “Is he here to cause trouble?”

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Watching Felton storm in with the Fermers, the guests who came for the sales drive sensed something amiss. The content is on! Read the latest chapter there!

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The Fermers were one of the most

powerful families in the westerm region, so they all made way for Felton as they eagerly waited to see

what he was trying to do. The

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Felton led his men to the stage arrogantly. “Where’s Leon? Show yourself!”

Felton stopped and scanned the stage proudly, before spotting Leon, Iris, and the others backstage.

“Felton? What do you want?” Leon’s expression darkened and he walked over with the women.

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Sensing Felton’s malicious intention,

Caleb, Hugo, and the others came!

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