The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky

Chapter 2867

Chapter 2867

“What do you think? Leon, you broke my arm during Jaxon’s bouquet. It’s about time we settle our scores!” Felton waved his arm and glared resentfully at Leon.

After resting for some time, his arm was mostly recovered. However, it would still hurt from time to time and he could not exert much strength.

Because of that, he hated Leon and desperately wanted to get rid of him.

Now that the opportunity presented itself, he was determined to eliminate Leon and avenge himself.

“Like you can do anything? What a joke?” Leon scoffed in contempt.

On the other hand, he started considering what Felton was trying to do.

He already learned from Fletcher that the Southern and Western Bosses headed somewhere with a group of martial artists.

Now, Felton appeared and forcefully demanded to fight him.

This baffled Leon and he wondered if the Southern and Western Bosses led a group of martial artists to attack him.

Could Felton be the vanguard of their attack? If that was the case, the Southern and Western Bosses would arrive with an army soon.

Leon was pleased by this because he was teaming up with the Dragon Guards in the western region to take the Southern Boss down.

If the Southern and Western Bosses presented themselves to fight Leon, this was ideal and Leon would not need to do anything to take the southern Boss down.

“Leon, get off your high horse! I’ll give you one chance. Come with US and apologize to me. That way, I will consider sparing your life. Otherwise, you will die today!” Felton sneered.

He hated Leon, but considering the great potential hidden within Cynthion Group, both he and the Western BOSS wanted to claim the company for themselves.

However, they could not just shamelessly rob Leon of the company and he could not demand Leon to hand Cynthion Gorup over with so many people watching.

Hence, Felton found an excuse to get Leon to comply. Once Leon was at his mercy, he could do as he pleased.

“You want me to come with you willingly? Dream on! Do whatever you want, Felton. Let’s see what a scum like you is capable of!” Leon mocked, not at all frightened by Felton’s threat.

Even if the Western Boss appeared before him, he would not feel any fear.

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“Very well! You asked for this! Since you have a death wish I’ll help you wishl

out with that! Felton was enraged by Leon’s attitude. The content is on! Read the latest

chapter there!

He waved his hand and was about to command an attack when a tanned, skinny old man stepped forward.

He was none other than the Fifth Apostle who worked for the Western Boss.

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The Western Boss and Felton

executed two different plans. To

ensure the demise of Leon and


Felton’s safety, the Western Boss left

all five of his Apostles at Felton’s

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The Western Boss himself left with the Southern Boss with a few Guardians and

other martial artists.

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It was precisely because he had the

protection of the Five Apostles that


Felton dared to act so arrogantly. The

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