Chapter 1578

Chapter 1578
“So what if we listened to him? How could we possibly have been able to track Asmodeus down? He’s evaded capture from us
for so long now!” Angus sighed. He, unlike Vivian and Yuri, still thought that Leon was just being overly confident, and he was
certain that the outcome would be the same if he chose to believe Leon!
“Angus is right! Asmodeus is sly and deceitful and has even prepared for this beforehand. If not even us Thompsons can find
him, no one can!” The rest of the martial artists had Angus’s back.
Although none of them knew who this Mister Wolf was, they could still guess that the outcome would be no different if they chose
to go with him—if not even the Thompsons, the most powerful family in the Southern region, could do it, no one can!
“Angus, Vivian, we’ve already tried our best. Now that things have come to this point, there’s nothing you can do but be prepared
for the worst,” Arthur announced in a low voice.
Arthur was the head of the family, and since he already said so, this meant that the Thompsons were officially giving up on trying
to search for Asmodeus and save Roanne.
After all, the Southern region was so big, and coupled with the fact that Asmodeus vanished into thin air, searching for him would
be like trying to find a needle in a haystack!
They had no other choice except to give up!
“What? How can you do this? Uncle Arthur, please, I beg you to find some other way to save my Roanne,” Vivian pleaded.
“She’s right, Uncle Arthur! If we continue searching, we might have a sliver of hope of finding Roanne, but if we choose to give
up right now, then it will be impossible!” Angus was not willing to give in so easily either.
“Angus, it’s not that I don’t want to save Roanne, but Asmodeus is so good at hiding that not even the Dragon Corps managed to
find him after so many years. If we continue sending our men out to search for him, it will all be in vain!” Arthur sighed.
“But,” Vivian was still not willing to let this go, but before she could even finish her sentence, a young man dressed in expensive
clothes interrupted her. “Aunt Vivian, I think you should stop pestering Grandpa! I apologize for saying this, but it’s been so many
hours since Roanne was kidnapped by Asmodeus, and if things went according to Asmodeus‘ plan, she’d be dead by now!

“I suggest that you and Uncle Angus start preparing the funeral proceedings!” the man said as a glint of triumph flashed through
his eyes.
This was Yonas, Arthur’s grandson and the eldest son of the Thompsons‘ second bloodline.
Since Arnold, Angus‘ father, died when Angus was still a child and could not ascend to the throne, the authority was handed over
to Arthur, his younger brother. Because of this, the Thompsons‘ throne was reigned by the second bloodline, Arthur’s
descendants, for many years now, and as the eldest son of the second bloodline, Yonas was next in line for the throne.
However, unfortunately, both Angus and Yuri proved themselves to be outstanding leaders, which put Yonas in a disadvantaged
position. Yuri was one of the youngest and most excellent martial artists in the Southern region, and was widely acclaimed to be
a prodigy!
With Yuri outshining him at everything possible, Yonas knew that Arthur and the rest of the elders would undoubtedly hand the
authority back to the first bloodline for the family to prosper.
As reluctant as he was to admit it, there was nothing Yonas could do about this.

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