The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1581

Chapter 1581
“Asmodeus is dead now. Leon killed him,” she replied truthfully.
“What?” everyone was stunned to hear this.
They all knew of the true extent of Asmodeus‘ powers–he already attained the Semi Almighty State and was one of the few to do
so in the Southern region!
Not only that, but Asmodeus also possessed the Cuff of Doom, which was capable of launching attacks on the Almighty State!
Not even the elder generations of martial artists could even pull off such a feat, much less the younger ones!
However, Roanne claimed that Leon, a virtually nameless young man, managed to singlehandedly kill Asmodeus!
This was unbelievable!
All of them turned to gaze at Leon in disbelief.
“Leon, did you kill Asmodeus?” Angus asked, his face etched with astonishment.
“Um,” Leon did not know how to react to this. Although he indeed killed Asmodeus himself, he was not willing to share this with
anyone else.
For one, the only reason he managed to pull off this fear was that he used the Potential Energy Force that Master Haslewood
gave him.
For two, he was worried that the more people knew about this, the more word would get out about his feat, and Asmodeus‘
buddies would come seeking revenge.
Leon was about to brush this off, but before he could even say anything, Roanne took the words right out of his mouth. “Of
course it’s true! I saw it with my own two eyes, so how can it be fake?” she said earnestly.
“What?” Angus, Arthur, and the rest were stunned by this.
They all knew that Roanne was a naïve girl and would never lie to them. Since Roanne insisted it was true, they had no choice
but to believe her!

Seeing that everyone was beginning to buy into Roanne’s declaration, Leon could not help feeling anxious. All of a sudden, an
idea popped into his head, and he said, “You guys are mistaken! The truth is, a master martial artist from the Dragon Corps was
helping me in secret, and he was the one who killed Asmodeus, not me.”
“A martial artist from the Dragon Corps?” Angus and Arthur froze at this, then exchanged dubious glances.
The Dragon Corps was indeed packed full of powerful martial artists, even Almighty Warriors. Therefore, if what Leon was saying
was true, then the story of how Leon slaughtered Asmodeus would be far more believable!
However, both Leon and Roanne had stories of their own, and none of them knew whom to believe in now.
“Leon, what on earth are you talking about? I saw with my own two eyes that you killed Asmodeus yourself- “Roanne did not
understand why Leon made up this lie.
However, before she could finish her sentence, Leon winked at her, indicating for her to go along with his story.
She quickly understood that Leon was trying to keep this a secret, and so she swallowed the rest of her sentence.

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