Chapter 1584

Chapter 1584
“That’s not what I meant, Mister Wolf! To join Elegante Group as a shareholder would be beneficial to our family as well, and I’m
more than willing to do so, but unfortunately, I don’t have anyone suitable to help. you out with that,” Angus explained.
If they were to become a shareholder of Elegante Group, the Thompsons would have to send out one of their employees to help
Leon run the company, and considering how much Leon mattered to them, he could not possibly send out a member of their
collateral descendants to do so–this would be disrespectful to Leon and Elegante Group!
However, Elegante Group was not as established as Cynthion Group was, and he could not possibly send out Yuri to do so,
considering he was a prodigy and already possessed an important role in the Thompsons‘ family business. Even if he wanted to,
Angus knew that neither of the elders would agree to this!
“Father, why don’t you send me to assist Leon?” Roanne piped up.
“You?” Angus was stunned to hear this. “What are you talking about, Roanne? You just barely recovered, and besides, you know
nothing about doing business, so what use is it of me to send you there?” he shook his head.
“I don’t know anything about it, but I can learn. Father, it’s not like I have anything to do at home too, and besides, Leon has
already cured my Third Degree Block, and I really want to go out to explore the world! Please let me help out Leon!” Roanne
She already took a liking to Leon ever since she met him, and now that Leon saved her from the brink of death, she could not
help fancying him even more.
The reason she volunteered to help out was, on the one hand, she could get out and explore the world as she always desired,
and on the other hand, she could use this opportunity to work near Leon.
This was killing two birds with one stone!
“Um,” Angus hesitated at this.
“Angus, now that Roanne has recovered, she will have to return to a normal life, and eventually learn to run the family business.
If she wants to help Leon out, you should let her!” Vivian said. Leon was the man who cured Roanne and saved her life, so
naturally, she was more than happy to let Roanne follow him.

“Um, okay then.” After some contemplation, Angus finally relented.
Elegante Group was a cosmeceutical company, so Roanne seemed like she would be a good fit for the company too. Besides,
since he did not have any other suitable candidate for this job, there was no harm in letting Roanne try.
“Leon, how do you feel about letting Roanne join you as a shareholder?” Angus asked. Since Roanne did not know anything
about running a business and would unlikely be of any actual help to Leon, he wanted to ask his opinion first.
“Sounds perfect!” Leon grinned. The reason he asked the Thompsons to become a shareholder with him was that he wanted to
get his hands on their human resources and supply chain, and with Roanne joining, Leon knew that Angus would not hesitate to
provide the best for them!
This was even better than Angus arranging for a collateral descendant of theirs to join him!
Since Roanne was not adept in business, this meant she would not be overly intrusive in Elegante Group’s growth and
development, which was perfect for Leon!

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