The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1586

Chapter 1586
“Oh, so you’re finally going to get rid of that twat?” the Black Gorilla raised his brows in interest.
He did not know that Leon was the man who got his hands on the Spirituality Pearl at the Black Market, and thus did not
understand the significance of this man.
“Yes, now that the Thompsons are in chaos over their daughter’s disappearance and won’t have the time for anything else, this
will be the perfect opportunity for us to take Leon Wolf out!” Charlie sneered. He knew that the Thompsons and Cynthion Group
were working closely together, and knowing that Leon was Iris’s boyfriend, would make their relationship run even deeper.
Therefore, he stopped himself from trying to take Leon out the last couple of days partly because of the Black Gorilla’s injuries,
and partly because he was worried that ambushing Leon at a time like this would alert the Thompsons!
Now that the Black Gorilla almost fully recovered from his injuries and the Thompsons were in chaos over
Roanne’s kidnapping, this was the perfect time to strike!
“I’ve already got you all the information you need on Leon Wolf, Black Gorilla, so you’d better act fast before it’s too late!” Charlie
added as he handed the Black Gorilla a stack of documents.
These were the documents he obtained from Nigel, who contained information about Leon’s power level, including the treasure
he had on him that could defend him against attacks of the Overlord State!
He deliberately collected all this information first before handing it to the Black Gorilla for fear of him slipping up.
“He’s just a nameless twat; did you need to do so much homework on him?” the Black Gorilla snickered, disdainful at how
cautious Charlie was.
However, when he flipped the folder open and caught sight of the photo of Leon, his eyes almost bugged out. of his face.
“It’s him! This is Leon Wolf all along! Haha, it turns out we always find things where we least expect them to be!” the Black Gorilla
leaped up in excitement, cackling.
After witnessing the true extent of the Spiritual Pearl’s power, he was certain that it was a piece of priceless treasure, and
intended to snatch it from Leon when he had the chance.

Unfortunately, since he did not know who Leon was, and did not even catch his name, he knew he could not find that man in the
entire Southern region!
He never once dreamed that he would finally find that man in the place where he least expected to do so!
One could only imagine his excitement at this!
“What’s wrong? Do you know him, Black Gorilla?” Charlie was puzzled by this.
“Well,” the Black Gorilla was about to tell him about the Spirituality Pearl, but on second thought, decided not to.
Rare treasures were hard to come by, and every martial artist wanted to get their hands on a piece of treasure or two.
There were only a handful of people who knew of Leon’s true identity and his possession of the Spirituality Pearl, and if he
assassinated Leon, he could secretly take the pearl for his own, but if he told this to Charlie, he would be forced to hand the
pearl over to the Southern Boss!
Therefore, the Black Gorilla decided it was a better idea to keep this secret. Once he got his hands on the pearl and verified that
it was truly treasure, he would be able to keep it for himself!
And if it turned out the Spirituality Pearl was of no use to him at all, it would not be too late to hand it over to the Southern Boss!

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