The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1592

Chapter 1592
“Mister Wolf, didn’t you say that you are going to spare me? What are you doing?” Startled, the Black Gorilla looked at Leon in
Even an ant had the will to live, not to mention a human. Though the Black Gorilla’s power was destroyed, he was still glad to be
alive, but since Leon did not seem to intend on letting him go, his heart started racing.
“Don’t panic! Since I’ve promised to spare your life, I’ll keep my word! I’m going to send you to a place and if you truly recognize
your faults, you might be freed in three to five years!” Leon smiled devilishly. “What? Wh- Where are you sending me?” The
Black Gorilla’s expression darkened as an ominous feeling took over him.
He thought that Leon would release him and already decided to beg for the Southern Boss’s assistance to seek revenge on Leon
once he returned. To his bewilderment, Leon had other plans and shattered his hope completely.
“You’ll know once we get there!” Leon said, before ignoring the Black Gorilla’s protest and striding toward the yard where he
parked his car.
He opened the car door and tossed the Black Gorilla inside, before returning to the living room to wrap Asmodeus’s corpse with
a blanket and tossing it into the back trunk of his car.
Once everything was done, he drove toward the Dragon Corps branch in the southern region.
In the Dragon Corps branch in the southern region.
Like the branch in Springfield City, the National Security Department was located near the entrance and the Dragon Corps was
located behind it.
Since the two were connected, no one could get to the Dragon Corps without getting past the National Security Department.
Outside the National Security Department, Leon parked his car and the Black Gorilla’s expression darkened.
He was terrified by Leon’s strength at first, but since Leon destroyed his power and refused to let him go, he saw no reason in
fearing Leon if he was going to suffer either way.

“Leon, what exactly are you trying to do? I’m warning you! I’m the Southern Boss’s subordinate and if you know what’s best for
yourself, you’ll let me go right now, or the Southern Boss will make you pay!” The black Gorilla said coldly in an attempt to
terrorize Leon into releasing him by mentioning the Southern Boss.
“What about the Southern Boss? Others might fear him, but I don’t! Don’t even bother trying to scare me by mentioning his
name!” Leon scoffed and ignored the Black Gorilla’s threat.
Leon knew that the Southern Boss was practically the ruler of the southern region and Leon was too weak to rival the Southern
Boss’s power; however, he did not fear the Southern Boss since he was a member of the Dragon Corps.
While Leon had no power to attack the Southern Boss, the Southern Boss would struggle to harm Leon as well.

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