The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1594

Chapter 1594
Leon was more than pleased that the Black Gorilla was willing to go to the National Security Department on
his own and hurried after him.
“This is the National Security Department! Employees only!”
Both Leon and the Black Gorilla were instantly stopped by two guards dressed in black uniforms.
“Good sirs, I’m a martial artist! This kid injured me and robbed me of my Luminous Pearl. I need to seek the Dragon Corps‘ help!”
Before Leon had the time to explain the situation, the Black Gorilla got ahead of him and manipulated the truth by saying that it
was Leon who robbed him.
If he was lucky, the Dragon Corps might help to take the Pearl from Leon and deliver it to him; even if he failed to obtain the
Spiritual Pearl, he could at least annoy Leon.
“What?! Kid, you dare to rob someone in front of the National Security Department? How dare you?!”
The guards were both shocked.
The Dragon Corps aimed to execute justice and maintained the order of the martial artists‘ community, and though robbery was
not encouraged, the Dragon Corps rarely interfered with such matters. However, it was different when the victim sought help and
as members of the National Security Department, the guards could not simply ignore it.
“What the-“Leon froze as he never expected the Black Gorilla to turn the blame on him. “Please don’t listen to him. There are
important matters that I need to discuss with the Dragon Corps. Please let us through!” He cut to the chase and ignored the
Black Gorilla completely.
“You don’t get to go to the Dragon Corps just because you want to!”
The two guards mocked Leon.
The Dragon Corps was a unique organization and only internal matters were allowed inside; even people from the National
Security Department needed permission to enter their base. Hence, there was no way that they would allow some random man

“Kid, you are being accused of stealing from others! Please follow us inside to assist with the further investigation!”
The two guards immediately surrounded Leon to prevent him from running.
All the noises alerted the people inside the office and a man in his late thirties strode outside with a few guards in uniforms.
“Ben, what’s with all the noises? What’s going on?” The man questioned the two guards sharply.
“Captain Scots, this kid here tried to rob someone and told us that he wants to get into the Dragon Corps base.”
The guards explained the situation.
“Kid, the Dragon Corps base isn’t a place that you can enter freely. Since someone has accused you of robbery, please follow us
inside to assist with further investigation! Don’t worry. Once we learn the truth, we will handle the case justly!” Captain Scots
turned to look at Leon sternly, before signaling the other guards to capture Leon.

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