The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1598

Chapter 1598
“Why you!” Leon was furious but struggled to argue.
After all, what the Black Gorilla said was the truth. Leon did not suffer any severe injury and since the Black Gorilla refused to
confess his crimes, it would be inappropriate for Leon to use his power to imprison the Black Gorilla.
“Captain Scots, how long can I keep people like him in custody?” Leon asked.
“Sir, per the Dragon Corps‘ rules, we can only hold him for about ten days if it’s just an ordinary duel,” Captain Scots said.
“What?! That’s it?!” Leon’s expression darkened.
The Black Gorilla knew too much about Loen and if he walked free after ten days, others would find out about the fact that Leon
had an extremely powerful tool. Even though others would hesitate to rob Leon of the Pearl once they learned that he was a
Dragon Guard, they would attempt to assassinate him or steal the Pearl from him in secret, which would cause him tremendous
troubles in the future.
“Whatever. Just lock him up for now. I’ll handle it later!” Leon thought about it and commanded.
He knew that as a member of the underground organization, the Black Gorilla must have committed countless crimes and he
should be able to imprison the Black Gorilla for a longer period once he gathered enough proof.
However, this was not Leon’s priority at the moment and he decided to deal with the Black Gorilla after he reported to the Dragon
“Yes, Sir.” Captain Scots signaled his subordinates to take the Black Gorilla to the holding cell while he accompanied Leon to the
lounge to rest as they waited for the identification report for Asmodeus.
Shortly after, the report was released and one of the guards delivered it to Leon and Captain Scots right away.
Once Leon received the report, Captain Scots led him to an office in the Dragon Corps base and found an intimidating mid–aged
man sitting inside.
The man was Alfred Glasbey, the person in charge of the southern region branch of the Dragon Corps.
“I’m Leon Wolf, a Dragon Guard under the Springfield City Dragon Corps. Greetings, Mister Glasbey.” Leon bowed respectfully.

“So. you’re Leon Wolf!” Alfred’s expression darkened.
“Yes, Sir. Do you know me?” Leon was surprised as this was his first visit to the Dragon Corps in the southern region and did not
expect Alfred to know him.
“I heard from Master Haslewood a long time ago! Leon, you arrived in the southern region quite some time ago, didn’t you? Why
have you waited so long until you report to the base?” Alfred questioned sharply.
Master Haslewood informed Alfred about Leon ever since Leon arrived in the southern region and since Master Haslewood was
a respectable individual in the Dragon Corps, Alfred took his words to heart.
However, despite waiting, Leon did not report to the base until this day and that left a poor impression on Alfred.
“Well, I was occupied with private matters and didn’t have the time. Please understand!” Leon smiled sheepishly.

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