The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1600

Chapter 1600
“As expected of someone recommended by Master Haslewood! Leon, you are accomplished for someone your age!” Alfred
walked over and tapped Leon on the shoulder.
He thought Leon was a talentless man who only had the opportunity to join the Dragon Corps through a connection with Master
Haslewood. It was not until this moment that Alfred realized that Master Haslewood recommended a formidable man to him and
that he underestimated Master Haslewood’s instinct.
“Um,” Leon froze at the compliment.
After the brief exchange earlier, Leon could tell that Alfred seemed upset with him and did not expect Alfred’s attitude to take
such a sharp turn once he learned that Leon killed Asmodeus.
It all happened so fast that Leon struggled to adjust himself. Once he recovered from the shock, Leon smiled modestly. “Thank
you, Mister Glasbey. You’re too kind. I just got lucky.”
“Very good! Youngsters who know to be modest are guaranteed to have bright futures ahead of them!” Alfred shouted.
Due to his prejudice against Leon, he looked down on Leon. Yet, he was absolutely in awe once he learned that Leon was a truly
talented man.
Leon was at a loss for words, but since Alfred was his superior and the person in charge of the Dragon Corps in the southern
region, he was pleased to be recognized by Alfred.
“Captain Scots, I’ve gone through the report! If this is all, you may leave! I need to speak with Leon in private!” Alfred dismissed
Captain Scots.
“Yes, Sir.” Captain Scots obeyed and left the room.
Once Alfred was alone with Leon, his attitude softened as he enthusiastically invited Leon to the couch.
“Leon, Asmodeus was a sly man and was great at covering his tracks! I’m curious, but how did you track him down and kill him
all by yourself?” Alfred questioned curiously.
“Well,” Leon muttered hesitantly.

He only managed to track Asmodeus down with the help of the Soul Searcher and eliminated him with the Potential Energy
Force he received from Master Haslewood. Since both techniques were Leon’s secret weapons, he could not tell others about
his tricks.
“I’m sorry, Mister Glasbey, but I’ve utilized some secret methods to eliminate Asmodeus and I’m not at liberty to share any
details.” Leon smiled apologetically.
“I see. It’s fine. I understand.” Alfred was slightly disappointed, but since Asmodeus was eliminated, how it happened did not
matter ad he saw no point in forcing Leon to explain the details.
“To tell you the truth, two of our Gold Dragon Guard here in the southern region died at the hands of Asmodeus in the past and
since you’ve killed Asmodeus, you’ve avenged their death! Allow me to thank you on behalf of their families!” Alfred said
“You’re too kind, Mister Glasbey. I just did my duty as a member of the Dragon Corps,” Leon said.

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