Chapter 1601

Chapter 1601
“Since Asmodeus was one of the top criminals on the criminal list, any member who succeeds in eliminating him will be
rewarded five–thousand contribution points. Hand me your badge and I will input the points into it!” Alfred added.
The Dragon Corps would often need a group of capable martial artists to eliminate criminals like Asmodeus, and upon success,
the contribution points would be divided amongst those who were involved. Since Leon had managed to complete the mission on
his own, he would be rewarded all the contribution points, which was a rare case in the Dragon Corps.
“Sure,” Leon said before handing Alfred his badge.
Alfred walked to his desk and inserted Leon’s badge into a slot on the computer. Leon’s information popped up on the screen,
and shortly after, five–thousand contribution points were placed under Leon’s name.
“Alright. It’s done!” Alfred said before handing Leon the badge.
“Mister Glasbey, I heard from Master Haslewood that contribution points can be used to trade rare herbs here in the Dragon
Corps. Is that true?” Leon asked.
“Yeah, that’s true. What are you looking for?” Alfred said.
“I plan on trading my points with an Angel’s Fruit. Are five–thousand points enough?” Leon requested.
He had only attempted to earn contribution points with the sole purpose of obtaining the Angel’s Fruit, so he was determined to
trade the points with the fruit as soon as possible.
“That’s more than enough. Rare herbs usually only need two–thousand points!” Alfred nodded.
“That’s great! How long before I can get the fruit?” Loen was overjoyed to learn how easy it was and how few points it would cost
“Well… I can’t say for sure. Maybe a mouth or a few months. It shouldn’t take longer than six months, though!” Alfred said.
“What?! It takes that long?” Leon’s smile froze in place.
An Angel’s Fruit was just as rare as any herb that had grown for over a thousand years, and Leon recalled that Mister
Haslewood obtained a thousand–year–old Ganoderma through the Dragon Corps within three days‘ time.

Leon was confused as to why it would take so long for him to obtain an Angel’s Fruit.
“Well, you are at a pretty low level as an Ordinary Dragon Guard… The Dragon Corps won’t spend too much time or resources
on looking for an Angel’s Fruit for you…” Alfred explained.
Though the Dragon Corps kept previous herbs for unforeseen situations, most of them were ordinary herbs that had grown for
three to five hundred years.
It was unlikely for the Dragon Corps to be in possession of something as rare as the Angel’s Fruit.
It was simply for Leon to trade his points for the Angel’s Fruit, but if it were unavailable in the Dragon Corps storage, they would
need to search for one on Leon’s behalf.
Master Haslewood was a well–respected individual, and the Dragon Corps was willing to locate a thousand- year–old
Ganoderma at all costs, but it was different for Leon.
His level of employment was far too low for the Dragon Corps to prioritize his request, and he could only wait patiently.

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