Chapter 1602

Chapter 1602
“I see.” Leon finally understood his situation after listening to Alfred’s explanation and felt troubled.
He thought that all he needed was sufficient contribution points to obtain the Angel’s Fruit via the Dragon Corps and did not
expect to wait because of his low status in the organization.
He was far from reaching the Golden Core Phase, and he could afford to wait for a few months; however, if the Dragon Corps
failed to locate an Angel’s Fruit within three months, it may hinder Leon’s progress in his training, and that was the last thing
Leon wanted.
“Mister Glasbey, is there a way for me to raise my status within a short span of time?” Leon asked.
“Sure! Considering your situation, you can be promoted to a Platinum Dragon Guard right away!” Alfred said.
The Dragon Guards that worked for the Dragon Corps were divided into five classes: Sky, Earth, Platinum, Gold, and Ordinary.
An Ordinary Dragon Guard rated the lowest with the power level of the Overlord State, which was the lowest requirement for one
to enter the Dragon Corps.
Above that were the Gold Dragon Guards, consisting of martial artists in the Emperor State.
The Platinum Dragon Guards were mostly powerful martial artists in the Almighty State, and in the southern region, the Platinum
class was the highest one could reach.
Alfred, himself, was a Platinum Dragon Guard, and he was one of the most powerful individuals among Platinum Dragon
Guards. Hence, he was given a certain extent of power.
“So you are saying that I can become a Platinum Dragon Guard right now? Are… are you serious?” Leon was shocked.
“Of course! Once a member rises to the Almighty State and has accumulated five–thousand contribution points or above, they
get to apply to become a Platinum Dragon Guard! However, five–thousand contribution points will be deducted once you are
promoted to a Platinum Dragon Guard,” Alfred said.
“But… but I’m not in the Almighty State yet…” Leon blushed.

Not only was he not in the Almighty State, but he was also far from reaching the Overlord State and even further from the
Almighty State.
“You aren’t at the Almighty State yet? That can’t be!” Alfred was surprised.
He knew the extent of Asmodeus’s strength with the aid of his Cuff of Doom; it would likely require a team of at least two martial
artists in the Almighty State to defeat him. Considering how Leon defeated Asmodeus on his own, Alfred assumed that Leon was
at the Initial or Intermediate Almighty State, so he was surprised to find that Leon had not reached the Almighty State.
“It’s fine, though. If you can defeat Asmodeus, you are not far from reaching the Almighty State, anyway! Besides, a promotion
relies mainly on contribution points. There are no fixed requirements for one’s power level! In any case, if you want to, I can
promote you right now!” Alfred said casually.
The Dragon Corps valued individual power and contribution, so one’s power level was not the main focus. Moreover, Leon was
recommended by Master Haslewood, and Alfred did not mind lowering the bar out of respect for Master Haslewood since Leon’s
contribution points were sufficient for the promotion.
What he was unaware of was that Leon had not even reached the Overlord State, and had he known about it, he would have
never agreed to give Leon a promotion so casually.

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