Chapter 1603

Chapter 1603
“Well…” Leon wavered.
Such an opportunity would not come easily, and he desperately wanted to become a Platinum Dragon Guard. However, this
would require him to sacrifice five–thousand contribution points, which meant that he would not have any points left for the
Angel’s Fruit.
Alfred saw through Leon’s concern and smiled. “Don’t worry, Leon. Being promoted as a Platinum Dragon Guard and obtaining
the Angel’s Fruit don’t contradict one another! I will send my men to start looking for an Angel’s Fruit from today onward! You can
keep earning contribution points during our search and once we obtain it, you can trade it with your points!”
“Yeah. That’s true!” Leon agreed.
As Alfred had advised, Leon could be promoted to a Platinum Dragon Guard and trade his points for an Angel’s Fruit once he
accumulated enough points again.
“By the way, the Platinum Dragon Guards are the highest level of employment available here in the southern region branch. If
you become a Platinum Dragon Guard, I can employ more resources and manpower, into the search, which would shorten the
length of time needed by at least half!” Alfred added.
“Sure! Mister Glasbey, please proceed with the promotion!” Leon finally made his decision.
“I happen to have a spare Platinum Dragon Badge. I will edit your information right now.” Alfred nodded and walked over to his
desk to retrieve a badge from his drawer.
The badge had a similar texture to the Dragon Guard Badge, and the only difference was that apart from the word ‘Dragon‘
carved onto the surface, there was the word ‘Platinum‘ carved into the back of the badge.
It was a far more exquisite badge in comparison to the Dragon Guard Badge, and it symbolized the identity of a Platinum Dragon
On top of that, there were a total of five levels among the Platinum Dragon Guards, and Alfred was a second- level Platinum
Dragon Guard.

Leon, on the other hand, was a fifth–level Platinum Dragon Guard, which meant that he was lower in status compared to Alfred,
but the two were both Platinum Dragon Guards.
Sometime later, Alfred swiftly edited Leon’s information and handed Leon his new badge before taking Leon’s previous Dragon
Guard Badge.
“Leon, you are a Platinum Dragon Guard starting today! I should be introducing you to your colleagues and announcing your
success in eliminating Asmodeus, but since you are non–staff personnel, it’s best that you keep a low profile. I hope you
understand,” Alfred said thoughtfully.
“Sure. That’s what I want. Mister Glasbey, if this is all, I shall take my leave now,” Leon said before leaving the office.
As soon as he walked outside, he bumped into two men in their late thirties around the corner.
The two men were in a hurry and bumped directly into Leon.

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