The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1607

Chapter 1607
“Very well. You asked for this! Somebody! Take me to see a Gold Dragon Guard! I’m going to make a complaint about Leon
Wolf!” the Black Gorilla shouted arrogantly as he walked toward the door of the holding cell in the hope of catching the others‘
Once a Gold Dragon Guard or Platinum Dragon Guard got involved, Leon would be punished for abusing his power to imprison
the Black Gorilla.
Baam! Baam!
As though his call was answered, Oliver and Abraham opened the door and walked inside.
“What’s going on?”
“Who is shouting?”
Oliver and Abraham were both confused.
They ran all the way to the National Security Department and ran into Captain Scots, who told them that Leon was in the holding
cell, so they hurried over to meet Leon.
As soon as they walked into the area, they heard the Black Gorilla yelling, and both of them were confused by
the situation.
“This is perfect!” The Black Gorilla was pleased to see Oliver and Abraham.
As one of the Southern Boss’s subordinates, he had countless encounters with the Dragon Corps in the past, and though he did
not know Oliver, he had seen Abraham a few times before.
He knew that Abraham was a Gold Dragon Guard and a top–tier one at that. Just as he wanted to file a complaint against Leon,
Abraham appeared right before him, and the Black Gorilla was overjoyed.
“Mister Scottson, you came at the right time! I want to complain about this kid, Leon Wolf, for abusing his power…” The Black
Gorilla pointed at Leon and started making accusations.

“What?” Abraham froze.
Alfred had assigned both Abraham and Oliver to be Leon’s subordinates, which made Leon their direct superior, yet the Black
Gorilla was foolish enough to complain about their superior in front of them.
“Black Gorilla, have you gone mad? Who are you to complain about Mister Wolf? Do you have a death wish?!
Enraged, Abraham kicked the Black Gorilla away.

He had seen the Black Gorilla in the past and knew that he was hardly a decent man.
Abraham was a hot–tempered man, and had Leon not been in the room, he would have given the Black Gorilla a beating.
“Mister Scottson, wh…what are you doing?” The Black Gorilla was frustrated and crawled up from the ground. Soon, realization
dawned on him that Abraham might be protecting Leon because the two knew each other in private. “So, you two are working
together! I want to see a Platinum Dragon Guard. I’m going to file a complaint about the two of you working together to abuse
your power!” he roared.
Since Abraham was determined to protect Leon, the Black Gorilla could only take his complaint to a higher level.
He refused to believe that a Platinum Dragon Guard would protect Leon as well because that would defeat the meaning of the
Dragon Corps‘ existence in the first place

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