The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1616

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1616
Realization dawned on Charlie as he said, “Dad, is it possible that the Dragon Corps is upset with us because of Asmodeus? Do
you think that they are doing this to give us a warning?”
“Asmodeus?” The Southern Boss sobered when he came to realize that since he was the one who ordered
Asmodeus to attack the Thompsons and the Dragon Corps had managed to track Asmodeus down, it was likely that the Dragon
Corps was aware of the partnership between the Southern Boss and Asmodeus.
Asmodeus was one of the top eight criminals on the criminal list, and the Southern Boss’s partnership with him had provoked the
Dragon Corps. Hence, it was natural to assume that the Dragon Corps captured the Black Gorilla and closed down one of the
Spears‘ properties as a warning to the Southern Boss.
“That’s right. That must be it! I guess they are after me because of Asmodeus…” the Southern Boss muttered darkly.
He had been worried that the Dragon Corps might have decided to eliminate him, but felt relieved once he came up with the
assumption that the Dragon Corps‘ action only meant to serve as a warning to him and decided that there was nothing to worry
However, the Southern Boss knew better than to ignore the Dragon Corps‘ warning and realized that he had to keep a low profile
for the time being as he could not afford to cross the Dragon Corps.
“Dad, what should we do now?” Rodney asked.
“Since the Dragon Corps is onto me, we will have to make a more detailed plan to take over Cynthion Group! “the Southern Boss
said thoughtfully.
Due to how valuable the Energy Nurturing Pills were, the Southern Boss was determined to make Cynthion Group his. However,
assassinating Leon and taking the company directly would not be possible since the Dragon Corps was watching. Hence, he
realized a change of strategy was needed.
“Charlie, call off the assassination! Get ready to implement our second plan. Try to divide the first and second bloodline of the
Scammells and assist the second bloodline into positions of power!” the Second Boss

Charlie had once suggested two plans to the Southern Boss: to get rid of Leon and to support the second bloodline of the
Scammells in their strive for power.
Since the assassination had failed and the Dragon Corps had gotten involved, the Southern Boss intended to implement the
second plan to take control of Cynthion Group without drawing attention to himself.
“Um… Okay,” Charlie said.
He had meant to get rid of Leon and win Iris’s heart, but the Southern Boss had decided to give up on killing Leon. Though he
felt frustrated about it, he dared not to disobey the Southern Boss.
“Charlie, the Spears can’t get involved in this, so I will leave this to you and the Martells. Do this well and I will reward you! Make
another mistake and you will pay for it!” the Southern Boss said coldly.
“Yes, Sir,” Charlie said respectfully before turning to leave.
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