The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1619

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1619
“Snow, I agree with Leon, actually. Mister Thompson seems to like you and you can always try going on a date with him,” Iris
joined the conversation when she saw Leon struggling.
“Are you two ganging up on me? If that’s how you see it, why didn’t you consider dating Anson Collins when he clearly liked you
and was constantly trying to pursue you?” Snow questioned impatiently.
“I love Leon, not Anson. Of course, I can’t accept him!” Iris rolled her eyes.
“It’s the same for me! You can’t make others do something that you can’t accept yourself,” Snow retorted mercilessly.
“Same? Are you saying that you like Leon as well?”
Both Ruth and Cynthia gasped.
“Damn it! Who would like him?!” Snow blushed and corrected them. “I am saying that I don’t like Mister Thompson. I don’t have
any feelings for him, so why should I even try going on a date with him? Just stop trying to talk me into it! It won’t work!”
“I see!” Iris and the other two finally realized what she meant.
“Snow, why would you do this to yourself? Mister Thompson is a brilliant man and if you miss out on this opportunity, you might
never find another man as talented and capable as him!” Leon sighed.
“It’s none of your concern! You should mind your own business! I’m warning you. If you let Cynthia slip away, you will regret it for
the rest of your life!” Snow retorted.
“I… Whatever. Do as you please!” Leon smiled bitterly.
He knew that one could not force themselves to love someone, and since Snow did not have feelings for Yuri, Leon knew that he
could not force them into a relationship.
“Alright. It’s getting late. Let’s have dinner!” Cynthia said.
The discussion ceased, and the five headed to the dining room for dinner.

After dinner, Leon and the others returned to their room together and started training with the aid of the Spiritual Pearl like they
had done the past few days.
The Spiritual Pearl was extremely powerful, and after a few days of hard work, they had all made progress in their training.
Iris, who had been the weakest among the five, rose to the Advanced Innate State from the Intermediate
Innate State.
Leon had reached the Peak Innate State from the Advanced Innate State before consuming the Basic Pure Energy Pill that
guaranteed a breakthrough to the Realm of a Supreme Master. With its help, he reached the Initial Supreme State.
Both Cynthia and Snow had accomplished just as much in comparison and reached the Intermediate Supreme State.
Ruth, who had recently reached the Peak Supreme State, had made progress as well but was still far from
reaching the Semi Overlord State. However, considering how talented she was, she should be able to reach the level quickly
under the effect of the Spiritual Perl.
On top of that, Leon had made progress in his training for sage art as well, and he was a step away from reaching the Advanced
Foundation Phase; the only concern he had was that there was no sign of a breakthrough so far.
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