The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1623

Chapter 1623
“What brought you here, Mister Martell?” Patrick asked.
“I’m here about my marriage proposal to Miss Young again, Elder Scammells… This Angel’s Fruit will be my gift to the
Scammells and I hope that you can accept my proposal on her behalf…” Charlie said before placing the delicate box that
contained the Angel’s Fruit before Patrick.
Iris and Damian had visited Charlie asking for the Angel’s Fruit, which led him to believe that the fruit held meaning to the
Scammells, so he was hoping that he could convince Patrick to agree to the marriage by using the Angel’s Fruit as an offering.
“Well… Mister Martell, you know what happened the last time. Iris is in love with Leon and nothing I say can convince her
otherwise. My hands are tied!” Patrick said hesitantly.
Ever since he learned that Leon was seeing multiple women at a time, he desperately wanted Iris to leave Leon and marry
Charlie instead, but Iris would not agree to it, and Patrick was rendered helpless.
“I don’t think so! Seniors of a family have the right to arrange the marriages of their juniors! Iris is your granddaughter. As the
head of your family and her senior, all I need is your approval and she doesn’t have the right to say no!” Charlie said casually.
“Be that as it may, Iris’s circumstances are unique and I can’t make any decisions on her behalf…” Patrick shook his head.
Though Iris was his granddaughter, Iris had simply come to the southern region to seek the Scammells‘ help, and she did not
belong to the Scammells, so even the head of the family could not interfere with her life choices.
On top of that, Patrick was aware of how much Leon had been of help to them, and since Iris refused to leave Leon, there was
no way that Patrick could separate them.
“Don’t reject my proposal just yet, Elder Scammell! Apart from the marriage proposal, there’s something else that I need to
discuss with you as well!” Charlie decided to lay all cards on the table since Patrick refused to cooperate.
“What is it?” Patrick asked.
“The Southern Boss sees the potential in the Scammells and sends me to recruit you. Agree to the marriage proposal and form
an alliance with us, Martells, and the Southern Boss will raise you up…” Charlie extended the invitation.
“What? The Southern Boss wishes to recruit us? Is that true?” Patrick’s jaw dropped.

“Of course!” Charlie deadpanned.
Naturally, he meant every word he said. So long as the Scammells pledged loyalty to the Southern Boss and offered the
Cynthion Group to him, the Southern Boss would certainly be willing to take them under his wings.
“Well…” Patrick’s heart wavered.
During the sales drive for Cynthion Group, Damian had been introduced to Yuri Thompson through Leon. However, the
Thompsons were extremely powerful, and even with Leon’s help, it was unlikely for them to see the value in working with the
On the other hand, the Southern Boss was just as influential as the Thompsons, and if the Scammells formed an alliance with
the Martell, they would be supported by the Southern Boss, which was far more beneficial compared to making a connection with
the Thompsons.
With the Southern Boss’s support, the Scammells‘ path to success and glory would be guaranteed, and Patrick could sense his
determination wavering.
“Dad, you can’t agree to that!” Just then, Damian strode in.

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