The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1626

Chapter 1626
“Elder Scammell, get ready in the next few days. We will execute the plan in three days‘ time! Also, the first bloodline of the
Scammells seems to have established a connection with the Thompsons. To avoid alerting the Thompsons, I can only assign
two powerful martial artists from the Martells to assist you… The rest is up to you,” Charlie reminded.
After the establishment of the Cynthion Group, most of the influential families in the southern region. realized that the Scammells
had formed a connection with the Thompsons. However, outsiders had no right to interfere with the internal conflict between the
first and second bloodline of the Scammells, so the Thompsons would not have any excuse to get involved so long as the
Martells were discreet about their support for the second bloodline; this was also the reason why the Southern Boss had not
chosen to take control over the Scammells and Cynthion Group by force.
“I know! Two capable martial artists from the Martells should be more than enough!” Rick nodded.
“Also, I’m into Iris. Once you rise to power, you can do whatever you want with the members of the first bloodline, but Iris is
mine!” Charlie narrowed his eyes coldly.
“Sure. That’s not a problem…”
Just then, Nigel interrupted Patrick and said, “Mister Martell, it’s simple if you want Iris! On the day we declare war against the
first bloodline, I will trick her into coming over and capture her, before having her delivered to you!” Nigel sneered viciously.
“Good. That’s a great idea! Let’s do as you said!” Charlie felt motivated and exchanged knowing looks with Nigel before bursting
into laughter as though victory was right before his eyes.
In the following days, the Scammells‘ second bloodline began to prepare to overthrow the first bloodline with Charlie’s help.
Meanwhile, Angus had fulfilled his promise to Leon and bought a cosmetic firm on Leon’s behalf before investing in the company
in Roanne’s name. As a return, Leon offered Roanne twenty percent of the company’s share.
It became clear that Angus had agreed to become a shareholder not for the sake of the Thompsons but for
Roanne’s future.
Elegante Group was a small–scale cosmetic firm, which was hardly significant in the eyes of the Thompsons, and Roanne had
just recovered from her illness, so Angus saw it as a chance for her to start learning how torun a business on her own.

He left all the shares under Roanne’s name, which would serve as her dowry in the future when she gotmarried.
With that, the Elegante Group managed to establish a branch in the southern region.
One morning in the Elegante Group office, it was the first day since Leon took control, so he arrived early in the morning with Iris
and Snow.
Shortly after, Roanne arrived as well, alongside an old man.
The old man was a capable martial artist in the older generation and came as Roanne’s bodyguard.ting
Since it was Roanne’s first time traveling out of the house on her own and was recently captured by Asmodeus, Angus arranged
for a martial artist to remain by her side in case other people were targetingRoanne.
In the chairman’s office, Roanne rushed toward Leon cheerfully. “I’m so pleased to see you again, Leon.” She beamed.
She had grown dependent on Leon ever since he risked his life to save her from Asmodeus, so she was over the moon that she
could work alongside Leon in the future.

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