The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1633

Chapter 1633
“An insignificant trick!”
Nigel was already prepared when she felt the pressure from Iris‘ hand.
After that, he quickly moved to the side, trying to avoid Iris‘ attack!
Earlier, he had vaguely managed to see the pressure coming from Iris‘ hand!
As long as he managed to avoid the attack, then Iris would just be completely defenseless against him!
Of course, that was just all in his mind. Reality had a far different idea!
The Potential Energy Forces were already at the level of the Initial Overlord State. If he had been at the Semi Overlord State, he
might have been able to avoid the attack!
However, he was only a peak Supreme Master. He was still far from being at the Overlord State!
No matter how hard he tried, he could not completely avoid the attack!
With a massive boom, Nigel had failed to stop the incredibly strong attack. He was immediately sent flying. before he fell heavily
on the ground.
After that, he spat out a mouthful of blood, feeling like he had suffered heavy internal injuries.
“How did this happen…”
Nigel clutched his chest in disbelief.
He had thought that he was strong enough. On top of that, he was already prepared, so it would be easy to avoid Iris‘ attack!
However, he was slapped cruelly in the face by reality!
Suddenly, he was shocked. He could not understand how Iris was able to defeat him even when he was a peak Supreme

“Nigel, I’m warning you. If you keep on doing bad, there will be consequences! I don’t care what you and the second line of direct
descendants are planning, but you’d better know when to stop! Otherwise, you’ll come to regret it!” Iris warned coldly.
After that, she ignored Nigel as she started to walk toward the first line of direct descendants!
Even though she had managed to injure Nigel heavily, Nigel was still much stronger than she was, and she was still no match for
For the sake of her safety, she needed to leave as soon as possible!
Nigel was furious as he looked at Iris‘ retreating back. He was so anxious even his eyes reddened.
Since he was the strongest among all four of them, his injuries were lighter than the other three. He was still somewhat able to
Unfortunately, since his legs had been broken by Leon, it was not easy for him to move about. On top of that, his injuries meant
that he could not chase after Iris at all!
So, he was forced to look on as Iris left!
After that, he forcibly bore with the pain in his body as he crawled to his wheelchair.
After that, he hurriedly went over to where the second line of direct descendants stayed, preparing to report his failure to Rick
and Charlie.
With the second line of direct descendants, Rick had found an excuse to gather five elders of the scammells over.
After two days of preparations, he had managed to turn over some of the core members of the family in secret.
However, the five elders always considered the benefits of the family. On top of that, Damian’s legs were already recovered, so
they were firmly in support of the first line of direct descendants.
That was something that gave Rick a bit of a headache!
He had gathered all the elders over to try once more, hoping he would be able to win their support!

Of course, if they did not know what was good for them, then he would have to employ more forceful methods!

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