The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1640

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1640
“Rick, it’s you! What are you trying to do? Are you really planning a coup?”
Patrick’s expression immediately sank when he saw Rick leading all those experts inside.
He had initially been doubtful of Leon’s speculation, feeling like there was no way Rick would try to seize power again for no
However, it seemed like Leon’s guess was right. Rick really was rebelling!
“Patrick, don’t be so rude! I just think that you’ve been letting your age get to you, and you’ve been losing your touch. You’re no
longer suited to control the family! I think you should step down while you can and give way!” Rick sneered.
“So you really are staging a coup!” Patrick was furious when he heard that.
He finally understood that Rick was not aiming for Damian’s position this time but to take his position as the head of the family!
“So what if I am?!” Rick said calmly, not denying it.
“Despicable! If I’d known this would happen, I should have cut you off like Leon said! Otherwise, this wouldn’t be happening!”
Patrick shouted furiously, starting to regret things.
Last time, Leon had constantly told him to deal with Rick to get rid of any future problems when Leon had broken Nigel’s legs.
In fact, Leon even offered to help Patrick get rid of Rick as long as Patrick gave the order!
However, he thought that it was because Leon hated the second line. After all, Nigel captured Cynthia, so he never considered
Leon’s suggestion!
Yet, at that moment, Leon’s words rang true. He had kept a traitor in the family!
It was obvious how much he regretted things at that moment!
However, it was already too late for regrets!

“Patrick, cut the crap. Only those who are capable can be the family head! If you know your place, then hand your position over.
Then, I might consider showing you some mercy. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being ruthless!” Rick said coldly.
“With just you? Rick, the elders are all in support of me right now, and I’m quite a bit stronger than you! What right do you have to
become the family head?!” Patrick said in frustration, unable to guess where Rick got that courage from.
“Are you talking about the five old farts? Eugene, bring them out to show your uncle!” Rick laughed.
After that, Eugene led a few of the experts over, who tossed the five elders on the ground.
“How is this possible?!”
Patrick could not believe his eyes at the sight.
He knew how strong the five elders were. They were at the Semi Emperor State and not that much weaker
than Rick.
It was impossible for Rick to take them on himself!
Yet, at that moment, all of them had been captured by Rick without a sound!
That was just unbelievable.
He could not understand how Rick did it.
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