The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1641

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1641
As if they saw Patrick’s confusion, the five elders said with bitter looks on their faces, “Patrick, we were defeated by the experts
from the Martells…”
“What? So it’s the doing of Charlie and the Martells!” Patrick was shocked. After that, he turned to look and finally noticed
Charlie, who was not far away from Rick.
“Haha, that’s right. It’s me!” Charlie laughed as he walked out of the crowd.
“Charlie, what is the meaning of this?” Patrick said with a dark expression.
“What do you think? Old man, I’ve given you a chance to give me Iris before this, but you refused to agree! Since you didn’t
know your place, then I was just forced to help the second line of descendants instead!” Charlie said with a playful look on his
“Charlie, based on the rules of the martial world, any force can’t just interfere with the inner workings of another family so easily.
You’re violating the rules of our world by interfering with the Scammells right now. Aren’t you afraid the Martells will be hated for
this?” Patrick said angrily.
“So what? If I’m not going to follow any martial honor, are you going to do anything about it?” Charlie said with a laugh.
The Martells were under the Southern Boss, and the Southern Boss was the ruler of the underworld in the Southern Region. His
name was not to be trifled with.
Those families like the Thompsons cared a lot about their name and reputation, but the Martells and the Southern Boss were
more concerned with profits!
Their reputation was not that important.
As long as the Martells did not cross the line too much and incite any attacks from other sides, then it was
That was also the primary reason he had never actually done anything while helping Rick!

“Despicable!” Patrick was so furious his expression soured greatly, but there was nothing he could do.
“Alright, old man, I’m not in the mood to waste any more time on you! Basically, I’ll give you one last chance right now. You can
choose to be obedient and hand over the family as well as Iris! Otherwise, suffer the consequences yourself!” Charlie said coldly.
After that, he turned to look at Iris, who was not far away, with an intense look in his eyes.
“Impossible! I won’t give her to you. Just forget about that!” Partick said coldly.
He had already rejected Charlie once before. Since Charlie had done something so dishonorable and despicable, there was no
way he would give Iris to him!
“You really don’t know your place! Since you want to die, I’ll grant you your wish! Anderson, get rid of this old man!” Charlie had
been angered. He quickly issued an order to the middle–aged man.
“Yes!” Anderson acknowledged.
After that, he quickly shot forward and attacked Patrick with impressive force.
“Intermediate Emperor State!”
Patrick’s expression changed drastically when he felt the power coming from Anderson.
After that, he immediately tried to avoid Anderson’s attack and started to fight him.
After some intense clashes, they had gone through over ten exchanges.
Since Anderson was even stronger, he was quickly at an advantage. He started to force Patrick to retreat, Patrick found himself
unable to fight back.
However, Patrick was thankfully strong enough to be placed at the top of all those at the Initial Emperor
Even though he was no match for Anderson, he was still able to hold on with some techniques. He was not being completely

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