Chapter 1642

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1642
Rick had a cold glint in his eyes as he looked at Patrick struggling so frantically.
After that, he decided to take advantage of Patrick’s lack of alertness as he charged forward with all his might, aiming at Patrick’s
He planned on ending the battle to prevent any surprises!
“Shameless!” Patrick was shocked. He quickly turned and tried to avoid Rick’s attack.
However, he was still not at the level of Anderson in strength. Yet, Rick had joined the fray as well.
He could defend his back, but he could not defend his front at the same time. He quickly found himself
“Just stay down!” Taking the chance, Anderson struck forth with immense power, aiming right at Patrick’s chest.
With danger right in front of him, Patrick was forced to strike out quickly.
After an intense clash, Anderson’s strike, which contained all his true energy, immediately started to get through Patrick’s
defenses, slamming heavily on Patrick’s chest.
Patrick spat out three mouthfuls of blood after that attack. He was sent flying for several meters before he fell to the ground.
Right after that, he felt an intense pain in his chest. He had clearly suffered heavy internal injuries and lost the ability to fight
“Dad, Grandfather, are you alright?”
Seeing that, Damian and Iris were both in a state of panic. They quickly rushed forward and helped Patrick
1. up.

“Rick, you despicable man! Not only are you trying to take control this time, you’ve even tried to scheme against me. You aren’t
even afraid of going against your own flesh and blood! Have you fed your heart to the dogs?!” After Patrick coughed a few times,
he looked at Rick with immense anger.
“Patrick, the strong have always ruled over the weak! If you want to blame anyone, you should blame your own stupidity! Don’t
be so angry at me!” Rick said with a sneer, not showing any trace of remorse or regret
at all.
“Anderson, grab Iris!” Seeing as things were already settled, Charlie got a bit anxious. His full focus was immediately on Iris.
To him, getting Iris was the most important. Everything else was secondary!
“Yes!” Anderson acknowledged before he started to walk over to Iris.
“Despicable! I won’t let you do whatever you want to!” Damian clenched his fists tightly with a sour look on
his face.
Since Patrick had been heavily injured, things were looking very difficult for the Scammells. Currently, he was the only one
capable of fighting back.
However, he was only at the Peak Overlord State. It was just too far behind compared to Rick and Anderson!
Stopping Anderson from capturing Iris felt like a pipe dream!
Right after that, he had a sudden thought on his mind as he immediately looked over to Charlie, who was standing by the side.
From what he knew, Charlie was only at the initial Overlord State!
With his skills at the peak Overlord State, it would not be too difficult to deal with Charlie!
If he managed to produce a miracle and capture Charlie, he might be able to turn the tides!
With that thought in mind, he did not hesitate for a moment before he started to lunch at Charlie!
Damian’s actions were shocking. Rick and Anderson had not been prepared for it. They were forced to stare as Damian lunged
toward Charlie.

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