The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1643

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1643
“Yes!” Damian was elated, not expecting things to be so easy at all.
After that, he did not dare to delay things for a single second as he struck out at Charlie with all his might.
“Die!” At the same time, Bill, who was behind Charlie, quickly rushed in front of Charlie.
After that, he let out an incredibly strong strike at Damian.
“Intermediate Emperor State!” Damian was shocked when he felt the true energy coming from Bill.
He had thought that only Rick and Anderson were at the Emperor State.
Yet, he never expected there to be anyone at that level right next to Charlie!
It greatly exceeded his expectations and caused him to panic!
After that, he did not even have the time to react before he got struck by Eugene’s attack!
With a painful clash, Damian’s body was sent flying before he fell on the ground heavily.
After that, he spat out a few mouthfuls of blood and felt intense pain in his chest. His injuries were three times worse than
Patrick’s. He did not even have the strength to crawl up from the ground.
Penny and Iris both shouted out with worry at the scene as they hurriedly ran over to help Damian up, but their hearts sank.
Patrick and Damian were both already heavily injured. They no longer had any ability to fight back.
They were just lambs waiting to be slaughtered!
Suddenly, other than Iris, the rest of them had ashen looks on their faces as they lost all hope!

“What a bunch of trash! You don’t know your place!” Charlie let out a smile of disdain.
Unlike Patrick and the others, Charlie had his hands behind his back as he stood proudly. He had an incredibly threatening aura
about him!
“Charlie, don’t be so happy with yourself just yet! I’ve already given Leon a call before this. He’s on his way over! When he gets
here, he won’t let you off!” Iris said with clenched teeth. She was looking at Charlie with anger and hatred.
“Leon? Just with him alone? What a joke!”
Charlie started to laugh in an incredibly exaggerated manner as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world.
“Iris, you should just stop with your foolish hopes! Leon injured me before. I’ve always wanted to settle the score! If he comes
over today, I’ll make sure to kill him!” Charlie said in a sinister manner after he laughed.
He knew of Leon’s capabilities. Even though he had a low–class treasure to protect him, his actual skills were
nothing to be proud of. He was probably only around the Initial Overlord State in strength!
There was no way he would feel threatened by Leon at all!
“That’s right! Last time, Leon had not only ruined Eugene’s chance to take over, but broken Nigel’s legs as well! We are mortal
enemies with him! If he dares to come over today, I’ll definitely make sure to rip him to shreds!” Rick said with a venomous look
on his face.
“Is that so? Let’s see if you can even do anything to me!”
At that moment, there was a massive crash as a black luxury car smashed through the main gates.
Right after that, the door opened, and Leon walked out with an incredibly murderous look on his face.
Behind him were Snow and Roanne. Roanne’s guard was with them as well.
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