Chapter 1646

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1646
“Grandfather, you don’t have to worry! They’re just a few clowns. It’s not worth my energy at all! I’ll make sure to make them pay
a painful price today for injuring the two of you!” Leon said confidently.
“Clowns? Little brat, how dare you speak so arrogantly even now?! I guess you’ve already accepted that you’re going to die!”
Rick was completely angered by Leon’s arrogance!
“Old dog, stop wasting time! This time, I’ll be sure to cripple all three of you and remove your family from the Scammells!” Leon
said imperiously.
Even though he said that, he did not dare to be careless at all and secretly consumed a Dragon Pill.
“Very well then! You asked for it! Since you want to die so badly, I’ll send you down to hell right now!” Rick said furiously.
After that, he wasted no more time in charging forward with all his might at Leon.
Feeling the Dragon Pill already taking effect, Leon scoffed as he advanced with his fist ready, facing Rick’s
attack head–on!
After his training during the recent period, he was only a sliver away from the advanced Foundation Phase. He was already
equal in strength to someone at the Initial Overlord State!
With the Dragon Pill increasing his power, his skills had temporarily risen to about the Advanced Overlord
Alongside the Mirror of Sovereign, he was already able to guard against attacks at the Initial Emperor State. Any attacks of that
level and below were useless against it!
That was the main reason why he dared to face Rick head–on!

“Brat, die!” Rick had a sharp glint in his eyes.
He knew that Leon was not that strong and was only acting so arrogantly because he had a low leveled treasure that was at the
Peak Overlord State!
However, he was already at the Initial Emperor State, and there was no way a treasure at that level would be able to stand up
against him!
Leon facing him head–on like that was basically just suicide!
Right after that, he took the chance to increase his strength, preparing to deal with Leon with one blow!
“Grandfather, cripple this guy!”
Nigel had an incredibly aggressive look in his eyes as he started to cheer for Rick.
Leon had broken his legs before, so he absolutely hated Leon!
It was finally time for his revenge!
He wanted nothing more than for Rick to cripple Leon with one blow!
Of course, it was not just him. Eugene and Charlie had sneers on their faces as well, looking at Leon as if he was dirt.
If Leon had tried to stall things, he might have been able to survive for a few exchanges!
However, Leon had been too arrogant and decided to face Rick head–on!
That was just too dumb!
As long as Rick’s attack hit him, Leon would definitely be crippled, if not die!
There were no other possibilities!
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