The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1647

The Ex-Husband’s Revenge By Dragonsky Chapter 1647
“He’s done for…”
“Leon’s going to die this time…”
In contrast to how excited Nigel and the others were, Patrick, Damian, and Penny felt like their hearts were completely frozen!
They knew very well that Rick was far stronger than Leon. They were on completely different levels!
If there were no surprises, Leon would not be able to take Rick’s blow at all!
However, before they could even finish their thoughts, something that shocked everyone happened the next
After an intense clash, Rick’s immense attack immediately broke through Leon’s spiritual energy, and his remaining power
rushed right at Leon!
Leon remained calm in the face of danger, and he used the Mirror of Sovereign for the remainder of Rick’s true energy!
At the same time, he used Double Attack. A wave of true energy that was at the level of an Initial Supreme Master rose in his fist,
slamming viciously on Rick’s chest!
Rick did not have a defense up, so he took the full blow and immediately spat out two mouthfuls of blood before he was sent
flying several meters away, slamming on the ground!
Right after that, he felt an intense pain in his chest. At least three or four of his ribs were broken. He had suffered pretty heavy
internal injuries and lost the ability to fight!
“H–How is that possible?!”
Patrick, Charlie, and everyone else was all shocked at the sight. They could not believe their eyes!
They had thought that Leon would definitely die this time!

Yet, they never expected Leon to be completely uninjured and even heavily injured Rick, who was an Initial Emperor State
Martial Artist!
Was that not unbelievable?
They would not have believed it if they did not witness it themselves!
“I–Impossible! This can’t be real…”
Rick clutched his chest as he lay on the ground. His face was full of disbelief!
He knew that Leon’s actual skills were very weak and that Leon was far weaker than he was!
He had thought that he would easily be able to cripple Leon easily if he used his full might!
Yet, the cruel truth was like a slap in the face for him!
Suddenly, he felt incredibly shocked. He could not accept what had happened!
“That’s great!”
“Leon’s really amazing!”
Patrick, Damian, and Penny immediately started to laugh excitedly when they snapped out of their shock.
They had not felt like Leon had a good chance, and none of them thought Leon had the skills to beat Rick!
However, they finally realized that they had underestimated Leon’s strength!
Leon was far stronger than they thought!
The next moment, they suddenly felt a sense of hope again!
However, before they could truly feel happy about it, something happened!
Right at that moment, Anderson suddenly attacked. While Leon was unprepared, he struck out with
immense force at Leon’s back!

Suddenly, Iris and Roanne paled in panic before they quickly shouted out for Leon.
At that moment, Leon was completely defenseless, having just defeated Rick.
By the time he realized he was being attacked, Anderson was already right next to him!
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