The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1649

Chapter 1649
Leon’s expression changed drastically.
Ever since he obtained the Spiritual Pearl, his sage arts have already reached a bottleneck of the Intermediate Foundation
Phase. He was only a sliver away from leveling up!
He had been working hard with his training, hoping that he would be able to break through!
However, it did not seem like it was meant to be. No matter how hard he tried, there were no signs of him making a
He never expected that, right at a key moment of a fight, his sage arts would start to show signs of breaking through!
It was just such an inopportune thing!
After all, it was not easy to make a breakthrough. He would at least need to spend some time on it.
However, his enemies were right in front of him. Charlie would be able to kill him easily!
However, if he did not take the chance and miss out on it, he did not know how long it would take him to show any signs again!
Suddenly, he was caught in a difficult spot, not knowing what to do!
“Anderson, cripple that guy! After that, capture Iris for me!” Charlie said coldly as he looked at Iris with an intense look.
Leon had already been injured, and Patrick and Damian were not able to fight at all.
Did that not mean he could do whatever he wanted?!
There was no way he would let such a good chance slip!
“Yes!” Anderson acknowledged the order before he immediately walked toward Leon.
“Despicable!” Leon had a dark look on his face.
With things as they were, he was forced to abandon his breakthrough to fight Anderson!

However, before he could make a move, Roanne suddenly stood in front of him, putting him behind her.
“Hold it! I won’t let you hurt him!” Roanne said angrily as she looked at Charlie and Anderson.
Leon had not only cured her illness before but had even risked his life to save her from Asmodeus,
She had already seen Leon as one of her closest and most reliable friends!
However, at that moment, Anderson had actually attacked Leon and even planned on continuing it!
It was obvious how angry she was!
Leon looked at Roanne. After that, he looked at the old man who was next to Roanne and immediately had an idea.
“Roanne, protect me. Help me delay them for two minutes!” Leon said in a hurry.
After that, he immediately sat down and took an Energy Nurturing Pill, shutting his eyes to attempt his breakthrough.
He was not concerned as to whether Roanne had the ability to protect him or not!
He knew that the old man was an expert from the Thompsons. He was a guard that Angus had deliberately arranged for her, so
the old man had to be strong!
With that old man, Charlie and the others would not be able to get close to him!
“Leon, don’t worry. I won’t let them hurt you!” Roanne immediately answered Leon’s request!
Leon had saved her so many times, and she owed him so much!
Even if Leon did not say anything, she would not just watch as others hurt him!
“Little girl, who are you? Step aside right now! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude!” Anderson’s expression darkened when
he saw Roanne in front of Leon. There was a fierce glint in his eyes.

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