The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1652

Chapter 1652
“These bad guys attacked and hurt Leon! Capture them all so Leon can deal with them!” Roanne ordered angrily.
“Yes!” answered John.
It was always better to take the head of the beast first.
He knew that Charlie was the leader of their opponents, so he quickly launched forward with immense power, trying to grab
Charlie was scared stiff. He knew very well that John was too strong. He was far from someone he and the others could deal
with. Moreover, after everything that happened between him and Leon, the latter would never forgive him if he was captured and
handed over to him.
With danger looming, he quickly had a thought as he retreated and hurriedly said, “Sir, wait! I want to say something!”
“Speak up, then!” John scoffed, stopping his attack for a moment.
After all, he was someone from the older generation, while Charlie was from the younger generation. He could not possibly not
give Charlie the chance to speak.
“Sir, this is an internal conflict between the first and second lines of the Scammells‘ direct descendants. It has nothing to do with
any outsiders! If you’re going to force your way into this, aren’t you worried it’ll ruin the reputation of the Thompsons if word gets
Charlie forced himself to remain calm as he spoke, trying to push John back with the Thompsons‘ reputation.
Stunned, John fell into a brief silence.
Based on the rules and honor of the martial world, for the sake of maintaining the balance between the various ancient martial
arts families, they were normally not allowed to interfere with other families‘ inner workings.

That was to prevent some larger families from forcibly swallowing up the smaller ones and disrupting the balance.
The Thompsons were the head of the martial world in the Southern Region. They placed a lot of importance on their name and
reputation, so they never interfered with other ancient martial arts families.
If he forced his hand into a Scammell affair, then it would end up hurting their reputation!
However, he quickly noticed something wrong with a thought.
“Don’t even think about it, you brat! You Martells are the ones trying to interfere with their internal affairs. Are we not allowed to
dish out justice because of that?” John said with a sneer on his face.
“Mister Thompson, I won’t hide it from you: I have grudges against Leon. He can be counted as part of the Scammells, and I
came here to deal with him. I wasn’t planning on interrupting the internal matters of the Scammells at all!” Charlie twisted the
truth shamelessly.
“In the end, I can leave right now if you think what I’m doing is inappropriate. What do you think?” Charlie added, immediately
wanting to retreat.
If the Thompsons were going to be involved, he no longer dared to think about helping the second line of descendants. He
immediately made the decision to abandon his chess pieces for the sake of saving himself.
John started to hesitate.
Since Charlie wanted to retreat, he no longer had a reason to continue. It would be inappropriate for him to not let them go.
However, Leon had saved Roanne before, and the Thompsons owed him a debt.
Furthermore, he saw Anderson injuring Leon with a sneak attack earlier. He would not be happy if he let them off just like that.

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