Chapter 1653

Chapter 1653
“Sir, you should know that the Martells are related to the Southern Boss. Please let me go for his sake!” Charlie hurriedly
mentioned the Southern Boss when he saw that John was starting to sway.
“The Southern Boss?” John’s expression turned serious.
Even though the Thompsons were not afraid of the Southern Boss, he did not dare underestimate that man’s power.
Furthermore, he was just one of the collateral descendants of the family. He did not dare to make any decisions.
Without permission from the family head, he would not provoke the Southern King for something so small. He could not risk
stirring up more conflict.
It would do the Thompsons no good.
“For the sake of the Southern Boss, get lost, you brat,” John said coldly, quickly making a decision.
If Charlie left, he would have helped Leon protect the first line of the Scammells. That was more than enough.
To prevent the matter from getting any more serious, he was forced to stop here.
“Thank you. I’ll take my leave, then.” Charlie had a happy look on his face as he silently sighed in relief.
With a wave of his hand, he prepared to leave with Bill and Anderson.
“Mister Martell, you can’t leave!”
“If you leave, what’ll happen to us?”
Rick, Eugene, and Nigel paled when they realized Charlie was leaving. They lost all confidence and bluster.
“I’m very sorry, but I’ve done all I could. I wish you all well,” Charlie said very calmly before he decisively turned and left without
turning back with Bill and Anderson.

As they watched Charlie leave, Rick, Eugene, and Nigel almost spat out blood in anger.
It was Charlie who instructed them to stage a coup, but he abandoned them the moment the situation turned sour.
The three of them were furious. They even wanted to curse at Charlie’s ancestors.
“You want to leave? It’s not going to be that easy.”
Suddenly, Leon’s body jolted as he immediately stood up. He charged over with a sneer, quickly stopping their exit.
“Leon, what is the meaning of this?” Charlie’s expression darkened in displeasure.
“What do you think? Earlier, you ordered your men to injure my grandfather and uncle, and you even hurt me with a sneak
attack! I haven’t settled the score with you. Nothing comes that easily in the world,” Leon said coldly.
“Then what do you want?” retorted Charlie.
“It’s very simple. Since you’re here, don’t even think about leaving this place unharmed. You’re free to choose how you want to
die,” declared Leon coldly with a glint in his eyes.
“With just you? What a joke,” scoffed Charlie.
If John and Roanne had not suddenly appeared, he would have already crippled Leon and the first line of direct descendants.
Leon had not only been fortunate enough to avoid that face, but he was even trying to confront him! Why was this man so
foolishly brazen?

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