The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1654

Chapter 1654
“Mister Thompson, are you seeing this? You’ve already agreed to let us leave, but Leon’s trying to stop us! If he ends up in some
conflict with us because he doesn’t know his place, please keep your promise. Don’t protect him,” Charlie said seriously.
He had to render John neutral so that he would not help Leon fight him.
John was speechless.
He could tell what Charlie was planning, but he had a point–he, John, gave him his word. Since he was from the older
generation, he could not go against his promise, especially when it affected his family’s reputation.
Furthermore, he did not want the matter to get any bigger, so he was not planning on going against his word anyway.
“Mister Wolf, you should just forget about it. Since they’ve stepped out of the matter, you should let them leave,” John advised.
“That’s right!”
“Leon, we’re all fine now anyway. Let’s just let the matter rest!”
Patrick and Damian chimed in as well, advising Leon as they did.
Even though Charlie had injured the two of them, the first line of direct descendants had turned the table with John’s help.
To them, it was enough for them to maintain power in the family, and everything else came second. They did not dare to dream
about revenge on Charlie.
“No! I have to cripple these three for justice today,” Leon said, leaving no room for doubt in his voice.
John could not stop himself from frowning when he heard that.
“Mister Wolf, I know the Thompsons are in your debt, but this is a serious matter. I can’t make any decisions. If you insist on
dealing with them, please forgive me for not being able to help,” John said with a sigh.

He knew very well that Leon stood no chance against Charlie, Bill, and Anderson. He was not strong enough on his own.
However, thinking about the Southern Boss backing Charlie, on top of the promise he had made, John could not possibly betray
his promise.
“That’s fine, Mister Thompson. Don’t worry. I don’t care about these pests at all. You don’t have to do anything,” Leon said
calmly, all while glaring at Charlie and his friends.
Even though he was not that strong, he had plenty of tricks and trump cards. It would not be hard to deal with the three of them.
If he had not had a breakthrough so suddenly, he might already have dealt with them!
Leon’s words were like an explosion in front of everyone’s faces.
They thought that Leon wanted to use John’s power for revenge, but they never expected Leon to be planning on taking on the
three of them himself.
This was insanity! With Leon’s meagre skills, was this not suicidal?
“Alright, very well, Leon. You said it yourself! I want to see if you have the skills to cripple us!” Charlie had a murderous look in
his eyes.
John had agreed to not help Leon. If Leon insisted on going against them still, it was the perfect opportunity for him to get rid of

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