The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1656

Chapter 1656
“You don’t know what’s good for you!”
There was a sharp glint in Anderson’s eyes. He knew that Leon had a low–grade protective treasure, but after having injured him
with one blow before, he guessed that Leon’s treasure would not be able to stop his attack.
Leon seemed to have conveniently forgotten that fact, however, and he still planned on relying on his treasure to face him head–
Was that not suicidal?
Anderson increased his power, planning on using his full strength to cripple Leon.
“He’s done for…”
Patrick and Damian’s faces were ashen as their hearts sank at Leon’s actions.
Earlier, they had all seen that Leon was no match for Anderson, and that was just minutes ago.
They did not think Leon would be able to turn the tables in such a short period. That did not seem likely at all!
Without a miracle, Leon would lose in a worse manner by facing Anderson like this. There were no other possibilities!
“You brought this onto yourself!” Charlie smirked at the sight and felt a sense of victory.
Even though his plan to help the second line of direct descendants failed, it would be good for him if Anderson managed to kill
Leon for him.
However, before he could relish the feeling, something unexpected happened.
With a violent clash, Anderson’s immense true energy broke through Leon’s attack and slammed into Leon’s body.
Leon did not panic in the face of danger. He used his Mirror of Sovereign to block Anderson’s attack.

Of course, since he had just made a breakthrough in his sage arts, he had gone from the intermediate Foundation Phase to the
advanced Foundation Phase. With his abilities, attacks below the advanced Emperor State were useless against the mirror.
Anderson was only at the intermediate Emperor State. He could not possibly incapacitate Leon!
At the same time, he took the chance to launch his Double Attack, using his true energy at the initial Supreme Master level to
quickly strike Anderson’s arm.
The clear sound of bone cracking could be heard. Anderson let out a cry of anguish as his arm was snapped by Leon.
Taking the chance, Leon charged forward and struck at Anderson’s chest with all his might, sending Anderson flying.
When he fell, Anderson spat out blood twice as his face paled. He clearly suffered severe internal injuries as he lost his ability to
get up and fight.
“Anderson failed? How is this possible?!”
Seeing this, Charlie, Patrick, and everyone else were stunned. They looked at Leon in disbelief, not believing their eyes.
They were all so sure Leon stood no chance against Anderson, yet they never expected that Leon could turn the tables and
severely injure Anderson.
It was a miracle!
It was obvious how shocked they all were.

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