Chapter 1658

Chapter 1658
“This is great!”
“Leon’s really amazing!”
After the shock, Patrick, Damian, and the others burst into cheers of joy.
Earlier, Iris and Roanne insisted that Leon was powerful, but they were so sure the girls were driven into a desperate state of
They finally realized that the girls had been right the whole time. They had underestimated Leon and Leon’s skills!
“How…could this happen?”
Charlie’s face darkened at the sight.
He intentionally brought with him two experts at the intermediate Emperor State to deal with the
Scammells. They were considered quite strong in the whole Southern Region, and yet…the two experts had been defeated by
someone as young as Leon!
He could not understand how Leon did it.
Of course, that was not the most important part. The most important part was the fact that Charlie was left without any protection
since Bill and Anderson were knocked out.
It was obvious what awaited him.
“Charlie, your guards are done for. It’s not your turn,” Leon said coldly as he walked toward Charlie.
Every step Leon took felt like a heavy hammer hitting Charlie’s heart.
“W–What are you trying to do?” Charlie’s expression changed drastically as he rapidly retreated.
“It’s very simple. I told all of you just now that I’d cripple you today for justice, and I’ll do just that,” Leon said coldly.

Charlie had been the root cause of the second line staging a coup, as well as the reason why Patrick and Damian were injured.
He had to make Charlie pay dearly.
“What? H–How dare you?!” Charlie was scared stiff when he heard that.
“Oh, you’ll find out soon enough if I dare to,” Leon sneered.
After that, he wasted no time and swung his leg toward Charlie’s chest.
“D–Don’t you come near!”
The terrified Charlie immediately rolled and tried to avoid Leon’s attack, but alas, he was only at the
intermediate Overlord State. He was far weaker than Leon.
Even with his full might, he failed to avoid Leon’s attack and was thus sent to the ground.
Thump! Leon’s foot viciously slammed into Charlie’s chest.
Charlie felt an intense pain in his chest as he spat out mouthfuls of blood. He tried to struggle, but Leon’s foot was firmly planted
on his chest.
“Charlie, you had your subordinates injure my grandfather. For that, I’ll cripple one of your legs for revenge! “Leon looked down
on Charlie with an incredibly imposing force.
Right after that, he raised his leg and prepared to stamp on Charlie’s left leg!
“Don’t!” Charlie hurriedly shouted. “Leon, I’m warning you… I–I’m the heir of the Martells! If you harm me, we won’t forgive you!”

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