Chapter 1659

Chapter 1659
“Who cares about the Martells?! I don’t know whether or not the Martells will let me off the hook, but I know that I won’t let you off
right now!” Leon sneered, thinking nothing of Charlie’s threat.
He forcefully brought down his foot on Charlie’s leg, effectively breaking the man’s left leg.
“Aahh!” Charlie let out a squeal of anguish. His face paled at the pain as his forehead was beaded with cold sweat.
“L–Leon, how dare you… Just you wait! When you fall into the hands of the Martells in the future, I’ll…make sure you end up
begging for mercy!”
Charlie withstood the intense pain coming from his leg as he glared at Leon viciously, wanting nothing more than to rip Leon
“You’re still so stubborn even staring death in the face. Alright, I do like stubborn men like you! Now that I’ve gotten justice for my
grandfather, it’s time to get justice for my uncle by breaking your right leg!” Leon sneered as he raised his leg and aimed for
Charlie’s right leg.
Charlie felt like he had been struck by lightning when he heard that. He had thought that Leon’s revenge was over, but it had just
“Wait! I–I have something to say!” Charlie hurriedly tried to stop Leon.
“You should leave any last words for after I cripple you!” Leon ignored it as he intended to resume his attack on his right leg.
“Don’t! I’m warning you: the Southern Boss sent me this time!” Charlie panicked and hurriedly used the Southern Boss‘ name.
“What? The Southern Boss sent you?” Leon was shocked. His foot stopped mid–air.
“That’s right! The Southern Boss wanted to recruit the Scammells. He asked me to support the second line of direct
descendants,” Charlie said proudly as if it was incredible for him to be helping the Southern Boss.
“So that’s it.” Leon’s expression darkened.

He knew that Charlie had used the Angel’s Fruit to propose to Iris. He had thought that Charlie was aiming for Iris with everything
he was doing.
Only then did Leon find out that Charlie actually had the support of the Southern Boss.
As for the Southern Boss‘ goals, he quickly understood that it was probably for Cynthion Group and the Energy Nurturing Pills.
Otherwise, there was no way the Southern Boss would ever have his eyes on the Scammells.
“What? Are you scared now? Leon, I’m warning you. I’m working under the Southern Boss‘ orders this time! If you know what’s
good for you, leave me be! Otherwise… If you anger the Southern Boss, I’ll assure you that nothing good will be waiting for you
and the Scammells!‘
Charlie assumed that the mere mention of the Southern Boss‘ name intimidated Leon. He suddenly felt much more confident,
and there was a renewed sense of arrogance on his face.
“So what?” Leon sniffed. “Others might be afraid of him, but I’m not. In the end, even if it’s god, no one can save you today!”
He thus brought down his foot viciously on Charlie’s right leg, and-
Charlie let out another intense cry of agony as both his legs had been broken by Leon.
An immense wave of pain hit Charlie and caused his vision to darken. The torture was too much that he almost fainted on the

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