Chapter 1660

Chapter 1660
“Curse you, L–Leon! Just you wait… The Martells and the Southern Boss will definitely kill you one day…” hissed Charlie
through gritted teeth, all while enduring the agony he felt after having both his legs broken by Leon.
“You really don’t know when to quit. Don’t be in such a hurry, though. I’ve only gotten revenge for my grandfather and uncle! I still
have a score to settle with you!” Leon sneered with murderous intent in his eyes.
“What? W–What are you doing?”
Charlie’s expression changed drastically at Leon’s murderous intent. An uneasy feeling surfaced in his heart.
He never expected that Leon still had more in store for him even after breaking his legs. Was Leon not afraid of retribution from
the Martells and the Southern Boss?
“Don’t worry, I don’t have the habit of killing others, so I won’t take your life! However, leaving someone as vile and sinister as
you unharmed is also a problem, so I’ll just cripple your strength. Let’s see how you’ll do evil after that!” Leon said coldly. After
that, he raised his hand and viciously struck at Charlie’s Energy Point.
As an ominous feeling loomed over his heart, Charlie’s eyes widened as he shouted, “Don’t!”
Strength was the foundation of any martial artist. It was what many ancient martial arts families prioritized the most.
He was the heir of the family, so he bore the weight of many expectations. If Leon crippled his strength, how could he lead his
family in the future?
He would not just be a cripple, but he would lose everything as well!
That was not something he could accept!
Suddenly, a voice was heard.
Iris stopped Leon right on time.
“Iris, what is it?” Leon’s hand stopped in the air as he looked at Iris curiously.

“Leon, the Martells have an Angel’s Fruit that’s very important to us. If you cripple Charlie’s martial arts, we might never be able
to get it…” said Iris, sounding rather concerned.
She knew how important power was to martial artists.
With Leon’s relationship with the Thompsons, as long as Leon did not go too far, he might still have a chance of getting it from
the Martells through the Thompsons in the future.
However, if Leon ended up taking away Charlie’s power, then it would be too late. Even with the help of the Thompsons, Leon
would not be able to get the Angel’s fruit from the Martells.
The Angel’s Fruit was very important to her grandfather and Leon. If Leon missed out on the chance to get the Angel’s Fruit from
the Martells, who knew when they would get it again?
That was also why she stopped Leon.
“That’s right. Leon, if you take away my strength, you’ll never be able to get the Angel’s Fruit from my family!”
Charlie was elated to hear that.
He let out a sigh of relief when he found out how important the Angel’s Fruit was to Leon.
However, before he could even feel happy about it, Leon immediately caused his heart to freeze over the next moment.

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