Chapter 1661

Chapter 1661
“Iris, don’t worry! I’ve already made arrangements for the Angel’s Fruit. I’ll probably be able to get one soon!
Leon said with a smile.
When he was with the Dragon Corps, Alfred had already helped him make arrangements for someone to look into it for him.
With the Dragon Corps‘ abilities as well as his position in the Platinum Dragon Guard, Alfred already promised him that he would
be able to get an Angel’s Fruit within a month or two!
He was not worried at all!
“Oh, really? That’s amazing!” Iris was much more relieved.
Hearing that, Charlie looked like he had been struck by lightning!
He had thought that he would be able to be saved because of the Angel’s Fruit!
Yet, Leon had already found another way to get one!
If there were no surprises, Leon would definitely cripple his strength after this. Leon would not let him off easy!
With that in mind, the sliver of hope he had earlier disappeared just like that!
“Leon, wait! As long as you’re willing to let me off this time, I’m willing to give that Angel’s Fruit to you…” Charlie said in a hurry
when Leon raised his hand again.
“No need! I’ll be able to get that Angel’s Fruit very soon. We don’t need the one from your family!” Leon sneered. He started to
continue his attack without any hesitation.
“Nothing is certain in the world. What if something happens to the Angel’s Fruit of yours? I’m begging you. As long as you let me
go, I’ll immediately get my family to give you that fruit,” Charlie pleaded, feeling like his heart was about to collapse!

Leon fell into a brief silence at that.
He knew that Charlie was somewhat right. If he wanted to get the Angel’s Fruit from the Dragon Corps, he would need to wait for
a month or two, and he would need to get even more contribution points to obtain it!
It was a little troublesome!
“Leon, I’m at fault this time. I’m willing to apologize for the Angel’s Fruit. Please show me some mercy this one time. I assure
you, I’ll change my ways. I’ll never go against you again…” Charlie immediately started to plead when he saw that Leon seemed
to sway.
“Yes, you said this yourself! For the sake of the Angel’s Fruit, I’ll spare you for now! However, if you ever do anything like this
again, you won’t be so lucky!” Leon quickly made the decision after thinking about it.
Even though his deal with Charlie felt a bit like extortion, Charlie was the one who was offering it to him. He was not taking it by
There was not much wrong with that!
After that, he pulled back and let Charlie go.
“Yes, yes…” Charlie looked like he had gotten out of trouble.
However, he did not dare to delay it as he quickly notified his family for them to send the Angel’s Fruit over.
After about half an hour, cars could be heard as a few luxury cars stopped outside.
Right after that, the doors opened. A middle–aged man, about fifty years of age, walked inside with a few impressive–looking
At the helm was Charlie’s father, Linus Martell.

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