Chapter 1662

Chapter 1662
“Dad, you’re finally here! Hurry up and give the Angel’s Fruit to Leon so he’ll let me go.” Charlie was elated to see Linus.
“Brat, let go of Charlie right now!” Linus looked at Leon coldly.
When Charlie had given him a call, Charlie had only asked for the Angel’s Fruit as a gift to the Scammells. Linus did not know
the gist of what happened.
However, Charlie already told him about how the Southern Boss had ordered Charlie to support the second line.
When he saw Charlie, Anderson, and Bill on the ground in front of Leon, all full of injuries, it was obvious that Charlie must have
“Where is the Angel’s Fruit?” Leon asked calmly.
“I’ll give it to you, but let them go right now!”
Since Leon had the three of them, Linus was too afraid to pull anything reckless.
After that, he took out an intricate box and tossed it to Leon, wanting to get the three of them back first!
Leon grabbed the box and kept it the moment he verified that the Angel’s Fruit was inside.
“Alright, you can bring the three of them away now!” Leon kept to his promise and walked back.
After that, Linus motioned for the guards to bring the three injured ones over.
“Charlie, how are your injuries? Are they bad?” Linus could not help but ask with concern.
“Dad, my legs were broken by Leon…” Charlie said in pain.
“What?” Linus was furious when he heard that. He never expected Charlie’s injuries to be so severe!
Not only that, he knew that Charlie was acting under the Southern boss‘ orders. Not only had Charlie failed to accomplish the
orders, he even ended up having his legs broken!
It was obvious how angry he was!

“Brat, how dare you act so cruelly to my son! I guess you’re already tired of living!” Linus glared at Leon angrily with a murderous
glint in his eyes.
“Please, this is all his own doing! He worked with the second line to stage a coup and even injured my grandfather and uncle!
I’ve already shown mercy by only breaking his legs!” Leon sniffed.
“Very well! Brat, since you crippled his legs, I’ll make sure to seek justice for Charlie!” Linus said furiously.
After that, with a wave of his hand, his guards immediately walked forward and fanned out around Leon.
Since Charlie and the others had been in Leon’s hands just now, he had not been able to do anything to Leon. With Charlie
already safe, there was no longer any need to hold back!
Seeing that, Leon frowned. He immediately looked at Charlie coldly. “Charlie, what is the meaning of this? I only agreed to spare
you after you pleaded so much. Are you going to go back on your word?”
Charlie was shocked. He hurriedly said to Linus, “Dad, it’s fine. Let’s forget about this!”

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