Chapter 1663

Chapter 1663
“Forget about it? How could we do that?! Charlie, don’t worry, I’ll make sure to cripple this guy as revenge for you!” Linus
He did not know how strong Leon was and did not know how Leon had managed to injure Charlie, Anderson, and Bill!
However, for the sake of safety, he had brought over a few Emperor State experts and around ten incredibly strong guards from
the family!
With such a strong roster, it would be easy to deal with Leon and the Scammells!
As long as he could get rid of Leon and topple the first line of direct descendants, he would not just be able to get revenge for
Charlie but fulfill the Southern Boss‘ orders as well!
It was perfect!
“Dad, don’t…”
“Miss Thompson and an expert from the Thompsons is here. We should go,” Charlie hurriedly said.
He pointed at Roanne and John behind Leon with a look of fear in his heart.
Leon had foiled his plans and broken his legs. The animosity between them was already too deep to be resolved.
He wanted nothing more than for Linus to cripple Leon right away and help him with his revenge!
However, with John’s might, he was forced to bear with it for the moment and think of a different plan later!
“What?” Linus was shocked when he heard that.
After that, he quickly saw Roanne and John when he followed Charlie’s finger.
Since Roanne had never been out in public that often, he did not recognize Roanne.
However, John was different.

John was quite a famous expert from the Thompsons. He had seen John a few times before and knew that John was at the
Semi Almighty State. He was not to be underestimated!
John was not someone he could go after!
Right as Linus was feeling shocked, Roanne immediately rushed forward to stand next to Leon with John when she saw that the
situation was bad to prevent the Martells from surrounding Leon!
“Linus, the Martells are interfering with the internal matters of the Scammells and trying to abuse your power against someone
from the younger generation! Isn’t that crossing the line?!” John said coldly with an unhappy look on his face.
Linus was speechless. He did not know what to answer John.
After all, what John said was true. He could not deny that!
However, Leon had broken both of Linus‘ legs, and they failed the Southern Boss‘ task as well!
If he gave up just like that, there was no way he would be happy with it!
“Mister Thompson, I know that the Scammells are related to your family! However, this is a personal grievance between us and
Leon, it has nothing to do with you! In the end, Leon’s crippled my son’s legs. He went too far. He has to give us a proper
explanation!” Linus said with a serious voice.
Ever since the sales drive of Cynthion Group, many of the ancient martial arts families mistakenly believed that the Scammells
were related to them. The Martells were no exception!
He guessed that Roanne and John’s appearance there must have been because of the Scammells!
Leon was just distantly related to the Scammells by family. At the most, he was only half related to them. He had nothing to do
with the Thompsons!
He was targeting Leon at that moment and not the first line of descendants of the Scammells at all!
As long as he showed a firm attitude, Roanne and John would probably not try to help Leon, thanks to the Southern Boss behind
the Martells!

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