The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1665

Chapter 1665
“Mister Thompson, we’ll remember this! Let’s go!” Linus said through clenched teeth.
Even though he was very reluctant, John’s strength was still plain for all to see. He was forced to swallow his pride even if he
was very unhappy with it!
After that, he motioned for his men who were surrounding Leon to back off. After that, they helped Charlie and the others up
before they prepared to leave.
“You’re just a collateral descendant of the Thompsons, how dare you go against us Spears!” Suddenly, a cold laugh was heard.
A black, extravagant car stopped outside.
Right after that, the door opened, and Rodney walked out with a cold look on his face. Behind him were two middle–aged men.
The two men looked about fifty years old. They had cold looks on their faces, and they had an incredibly impressive and
dangerous aura around them!
They were obviously not ordinary martial artists!
“The son of the Southern Boss, Rodney! Two of the Six Guardians as well!”
John’s expression changed drastically when Rodney appeared with the two men.
The Southern Boss and the Thompsons never had a good relationship. As an expert of the Thompsons, he knew about the
Southern boss and the Spears‘ situation!
Rodney was the Southern Boss‘ son and also one of the most famous figures in the younger generation of the Southern Region.
His name and ability were second only to Yuri!
He could naturally recognize Rodney!
As for the two men behind Rodney, they were the Fifth and Sixth Guardian of the Six Guardians that served
under the Southern Boss!

On top of that, the Southern Boss was one of the overlords of the underworld. With his name and excellence in the underworld,
he had managed to gather quite a few experts under him!
The Six Guardians were at the top of all the experts he had painstakingly gathered. Every single one of them was at least at the
Semi Almighty State!
The first three were amongst the top experts of the Almighty State!
It was obvious how powerful the Six Guardians were!
“The son of the Southern Boss?” Leon was shocked to hear that.
He had never seen Rodney before. After John revealed who it was, he finally understood that the young man with such a sharp
and sinister aura around him was the son of the Southern Boss!
As for the guardians behind Rodney, he had never heard of them before!
However, the incredibly imposing aura around them made it obvious that they were probably the top experts
under the Southern Boss!
“Why is Rodney here? This will be troublesome…”
Patrick and Damian’s expressions changed as well.
They had thought that the matter was already settled!
Yet, the two of them never expected Rodney to suddenly come over with his men!
It greatly exceeded their expectations!
Not only that, they had learned from Charlie that Charlie was under the Southern boss‘ orders!
Rodney had suddenly appeared so imperiously and had brought along two Guardians as well!
It was definitely not good news for the Scammells and Leon!

Suddenly, they found it hard to compose themselves!
“This is great!”
As opposed to Patrick and Damian, the second line of the Scammells and Linus were all absolutely elated!
Rick and his kin were especially so. They had already given up all hope after failing with their coup just now!
Yet, things suddenly turned around. Rodney had appeared with his men!
It caused them to find a renewed sense of hope!

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