The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1666

Chapter 1666
“Young Master Spears, why are you here?”
Linus had an elated look on his face at Rodney’s appearance, and he hurried over.
“I just got the news that Charlie’s plan failed, so I came over here to see the situation,” Rodney said coldly.
The Spears had tried to help the second line of descendants of the Scammells because they were after Cynthion Group and
their Energy Nurturing Pills.
Since the Energy Nurturing Pills were so important, he had already arranged for his men to keep an eye on Charlie.
So, he immediately got the news that Charlie’s plan to help Rick had failed.
So, he brought his men and hurried over instantly!
“Young Master Spears, I failed to do things properly, please forgive me,” Charlie said fearfully.
“It’s fine! With the Thompsons in the fray, it’s normal for things to go awry. I won’t blame you for this!” Rodney waved it off.
He knew that Charlie already did his best, so he did not plan on blaming Charlie.
“Thank you for your generosity, Young Master Spears…”
Charlie looked like a heavy burden was lifted off his shoulders.
“Young Master Spears, Charlie’s legs were broken by them. You have to get justice for us!” Linus hurriedly complained.
“Yes, don’t worry. I won’t let Charlie’s suffering go in vain! I won’t just get revenge for him this time, but I’ll get rid of the first line of
descendants of the Scammells as well. I’ll make sure to get Cynthion Group! It doesn’t matter that we’ve lost out for the moment,
the one who wins at the end is the true winner!” Rodney said with a cold voice. He had an incredibly arrogant and confident
attitude as if he had already won!
What was happening seemed to be the case as well. Even though Charlie’s plan had failed, nothing had ended just yet!
Rodney already brought two of the Guardians over. With their immense skills, it would be easy to overturn the situation!

He was not worried at all!
“Rodney, right? You sure know how to talk!” Leon walked forward with a dark look on his face.
“Who are you?” Rodney said with a cold look.
He had just gotten here and did not know the exact details of what had happened, nor did he know who Leon was!
“Young Master Spears, this is Iris‘ boyfriend, Leon. He was the one who broke my legs,” Charlie revealed who Leon was
“So he’s Leon!” Rodney had a look of realization on his face.
He knew about how Charlie had asked his father to send the Black Gorilla to kill Leon.
Even though he had never met Leon before, he had definitely heard of Leon, so Leon was not a complete stranger to him.
“Brat, I’ll give you and the first line of the Scammells one last chance! As long as you cripple your own martial arts and hand over
Cynthion Group, I’ll consider letting you all off! Otherwise, you’ll suffer the consequences!” Rodney said proudly with his hands
behind his back, feeling like Leon was completely insignificant.
“With just you? What a joke!” Leon said with frustration.
He had met quite a lot of arrogant scions from major families before, but it was his first time meeting someone as arrogant as
“Rodney, I’ll give you a chance as well! As long as you leave with your men right now, I’ll act like nothing happened! Otherwise,
there’ll be no turning back from this!” Leon said coldly with a firm tone.

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