Chapter 1667

Chapter 1667
Those words went off like a bomb, shocking everyone there!
All of them looked at Leon in disbelief, not understanding where Leon got the courage to act like this in front of Rodney!
Was that not just suicide?!
“Very well! Since you want to die, I’ll grant you your wish! Sixth Guardian, cripple this brat and break his legs. He’ll know the
consequences of going against me!” Rodney was furious as he immediately gave the man behind him an order.
“Yes!” the Sixth Guardian answered.
After that, he shot forward with imperious force, quickly charging at Leon.
“Peak Emperor State? No, he’s at the Semi Almighty State!” Feeling the tremendous true energy from the Sixth Guardian, Leon
was completely shocked.
Even though he already knew that the Fifth and Sixth Guardians looked incredibly strong, he never expected that he still
underestimated their abilities!
They were actually much stronger than he expected!
They were not people he could go up against!
Right after that, he considered whether he needed to take out his Potential Energy Forces.
Suddenly, John already rushed to stand in front of him. After that, with imperious force, he struck at the
Sixth Guardian’s attack!
After an intense clash, John’s body swayed slightly.
Instead, the Sixth Guardian had to take two steps back after that before he steadied himself.
It was obvious that John was slightly stronger than the Sixth Guardian and had the advantage.

“Old fart, what is the meaning of this? Are you going to go against the Southern Boss?!” the Sixth Guardian was furious.
He knew he was slightly weaker than John. With John in front of Leon, there was no way he could do anything to Leon.
So, he stopped attacking for the moment.
“What if I am?! Mister Wolf is a treasured guest of the Thompsons, anyone who wants to hurt him will have to get through me!”
John said coldly.
“How dare you act like this in front of me?! John, I’m warning you. This has nothing to do with the Thompsons. If you know
what’s good for you, then step aside! Otherwise, I won’t hold back!” Rodney said. coldly.
The Thompsons were at the helm of all the ancient martial arts families in the Southern Region. They were stronger and more
powerful than the Shears!
If he could, he did not want any conflict with them!
However, if John did not stop, then he could not be blamed for what happened!
John had an uncertain and dark look on his face.
Even though he was strong, he was facing the son of the Southern Boss, Rodney. There were even two incredibly strong
Guardians there!
He could not deal with them alone!
In front of Rodney, he did not dare to ignore the warning!
However, Leon had helped the Thompsons too much. There was no way he could just watch as Rodney attacked Leon!
Suddenly, he found himself in a difficult spot. He did not know what to do!

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