The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1669

Chapter 1669
“Very well! Roanne, you asked for it!” Rodney immediately laughed happily.
Since he had an excuse, there was no need for him to be afraid!
“Fifth Guardian, Sixth Guardian, two of you deal with John. After that, capture Roanne and the two other beauties behind her!”
Rodney ordered.
He knew that Leon only had one Semi Almighty State expert, John, on his side. As long as the Fifth and Sixth Guardian’s dealt
with John, then it would be easy to capture Leon and the others after that!
“Yes!” the Fifth Guardian responded.
After that, he immediately leaped to the Sixth Guardian’s side and surrounded John.
“Despicable!” John had a sour look on his face as his mood sank.
With his skills, he was only able to deal with one Guardian. With two Guardians working together, there was no way he would
have the skills to go one against two!
The moment he was dealt with, Leon, the Scammells and even Roanne would not be faced with good consequences!
“Old fart, prepare to die!” the Fifth and Sixth Guardian shouted out coldly. Both of them released an incredibly powerful attack.
They quickly attacked John.
“Leon, I’ll hold the two Guardians off! Take Roanne and leave!” John shouted at Leon as he avoided their attacks.
Even though he was no match for the two Guardians, he was still capable of lasting for a few dozen exchanges against them!
Furthermore, Leon had defeated Anderson and Bill. His skills were impressive!
As long as Leon fled with Roanne, he would be able to escape from the two Guardians without any issue!
That was the only plan they had left!
“No! I can’t run!” Leon shook his head.

Other than Roanne, Iris, Patrick, and the others were with him as well.
If he fled, then he would be able to bring Roanne and Iris at the most. What would happen to Snow, Patrick, and the others who
were left behind?
In the end, he could not leave Snow and the rest behind, only fleeing with Roanne and Iris!
It was not possible!
John was incredibly frustrated to hear that.
However, there was nothing he could do about Leon refusing to escape.
“It won’t be so easy to escape!”
Taking the chance, Linus waved and motioned for the Martells to surround Leon, Patrick, and the others, preventing Leon from
“We’re done for now…”
Seeing that, Patrick, Damian, and the others had incredibly dark looks on their faces. Their hearts froze completely.
They were quite touched that Leon was not willing just to leave them behind to run away himself.
However, it was pointless, even if Leon did not run away. It would just be an extra life lost!
After all, their opponents were just too strong. If there were no surprises, both Leon and the Scammells would not be able to
escape so easily!
Suddenly, they had ashen looks on their faces. They were completely hopeless!
Of course, as opposed to Patrick, Damian, and the others, the second line of the Scammells and Charlie were all incredibly
elated. They looked like victory was already in their hands.

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