The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 1671

Chapter 1671
“The Dragon Corps are here?” Both the Fifth and Sixth Guardians were stunned to hear this. Although they were both renowned
figures of the Gangster World and were not at all afraid of the Dragon Corps, these men worked for the country, and the
government was not an enemy one would like to have.
No matter how ruthless they were, neither of them had the guts to commit murder right in front of the Dragon Corps – it would be
equivalent to committing suicide!
At the thought of this, they pulled their energy back and retreated as fast as their legs could take them.
Seeing that the two Guardians had retreated upon hearing of the Dragon Corps‘ arrival, Leon took a step back as well. Out of
fear that the Potential Energy Force would accidentally strike John by mistake, he paused in the middle of drawing out his
Potential Energy Force and tried to make sense of the situation before committing to anything.
“That’s strange. Why would the Dragon Corps suddenly appear?” Rodney’s expression darkened when he caught sight of Oliver
and Abraham making their way toward them.
Ever since the Black Gorilla got caught and the Dragon Corps sealed off one of the Spears‘ properties for. investigation, Rodney
and his father realized that the Dragon Corps was probably keeping a close eye on them now!
This time, the Southern Boss had specifically instructed Charlie to get rid of the Scammells‘ direct descendants instead of
choosing to do so himself. This was so that he could lay low for the time being!
However, they never expected that the Dragon Corps would still show up at the worst possible moment!
Rodney was utterly stunned by this sudden twist of events. However, he was not the only one surprised by it; even Linus, Rick,
and the others were just as shaken up.
Rodney was just seconds away from slaughtering Leon and the rest of the Scammells they were so close to victory they could
practically taste it, so why did the Dragon Corps choose to show up at the worst time?!
Not only that, but the two men who had come to aid them were none other than Oliver and Abraham – two of the best among the
Gold Dragon Guards!
This was not good news to them at all!

A bad feeling arose in their hearts.
“This is splendid! Amazing news! Perfect timing!” Patrick, Damian, and the rest, on the other hand, were absolutely overjoyed to
hear that the Dragon Corps had come to their aid. They were beaming from ear to ear, and although none of them knew why the
Dragon Corps had shown up all of a sudden, one thing was
– with the Dragon Corps present, Rodney would never dare to touch even a strand of hair on their certain heads!
This was the best news they had gotten in a long time, and one could only imagine their delight at this!
“Thud! Thud! Thud!”
Just as they were ruminating in their own thoughts, Oliver and Abraham finally made their way to Leon.
“Abraham Scottson reporting for duty, sir,” Abraham, who had always been the impulsive one, greeted Leon proudly and was
about to give him a bow when an excruciating pain shot through his shin… Oliver had kicked him!
“Um…” Abraham suddenly realized that he was not supposed to expose Leon’s true identity, and so he quickly swallowed the
rest of his words, but it was too late.
“What?!” everyone was stunned by this.
The Dragon Corps were the preservers of peace and order, and had always been a well–established and esteemed body!
However, none of them ever dreamed that after showing up out of nowhere, the two Gold Dragon Guards would turn to greet
Leon first as though he was their general!
This was unbelievable!
Rodney, Linus, and the rest were rendered speechless by this, and even Patrick and Damian’s jaws dropped.
They exchanged glances of confusion. None of them were able to understand the situation at hand at all!

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